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Marvel's Avengers Wants $14 To Remove Thor's Helmet. Will You Pay It?

Despite "Marvel's Avengers" bombing in sales upon release, the title is still pushing on attempting to forge a path to success. Publisher Square Enix has tried to inject some life into the game since its ill-fated launch, making it available on Game Pass and even adding fan-favorite characters such as Spider-Man. However, while some seemed pleased about its appearance on Game Pass, it ultimately seemed to do little to improve the game's fortunes. And the addition of Spider-Man has proved mostly disappointing for players. Now, Square Enix is again attempting to revive interest in the game by adding some new cosmetics. 

On January 12, the official Twitter page for "Marvel's Avengers" announced Thor would receive a variant skin called "Unhelmed." It features the hero without his helmet... and that's about it. According to Eurogamer, this variant Thor skin costs 1400 Credits, equivalent to $14. Though it's not as expensive as some of the skins we've seen in games like "Fortnite" or "Apex Legends," $14 is still a steep price for players to pay for something that arguably doesn't even have the unique visual appearance that makes other skins appealing. Still, the question remains, will players be willing to pay for it? According to the feedback, it doesn't seem likely.

Fans are not pleased with the price

Considering the reputation surrounding "Marvel's Avengers" since its release, gamers were not too impressed with the announcement of an in-game cosmetic being so pricey. One of the comments below the announcement of the Thor cosmetic shared an extended version of the "This is fine" meme in reference to the current state of "Marvel's Avengers." Another response on Twitter said that the skin was similar to another one already in the game, essentially deeming it a waste of money. This sentiment was echoed by another, saying, "Jesus, same suit, take off mask, charge $12, you guys are getting REALLY lazy!" 

On top of that, it's no secret that the player base for "Marvel's Avengers" has completely fallen off the map since its initial release in 2020. The average number of monthly Steam players hasn't risen above 1,000 since the summer of 2021, and it has even reached as low as zero (yes, zero) on some occasions (per The Gamer). So this begs the question: Why would "Marvel's Avengers" decision-makers risk upsetting the remaining loyal players? 

While this latest incident may have created animosity between players and those responsible for maintaining the title, rumors have been circulating about a leak claiming "Marvel's Avengers" is preparing for shutdown following planned content through 2023. Fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for earth's mightiest heroes.