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Does Fire Emblem Engage Connect To Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

"Fire Emblem Engage" has a lot to live up to, as it follows 2019's "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," an offering that received praise from fans and critics for its complex narrative and solid gameplay. Indeed, since its launch, many players have asked when they'll get a direct sequel to "Three Houses." This has also led to questions regarding a possible connection between "Engage" and "Three Houses."


As it turns out, fans aren't the only ones interested in possible tie-ins. Interviewers with Nintendo's "Ask the Developer" series also wanted to know about this and took the opportunity to get some answers from game director Tsutomu Tei. Tei provided some insight into the development of "Fire Emblem Engage" and its narrative while clarifying whether it intersects with other titles in the series. While his response may disappoint fans of "Three Houses," it does offer a definitive explanation while laying out the logic behind certain choices about the "Engage" story.

A new setting and a fresh plot

In the "Ask the Developer" interview, Tsutomu Tei emphasized that "Fire Emblem Engage" has "no story connection to any of the previous games" of the franchise and this includes "Fire Emblem: Three Houses." He further explained that the team deliberately went with a different tone and story structure, choosing to focus the narrative more on the protagonist and their quest, rather than on the complex history of the world. While characters from past entries appear in the form of Emblems, heroes that can be called to fight through the use of Emblem Rings, they are meant to impact combat and not the narrative.


It seems that distancing "Engage" from previous titles may have harmed the experience in the end. Early reviews agreed that, while the game boasts excellent combat, the narrative and characters fall short of expectations. As a result, fans that enjoy the series for the story, and especially those that want to see a continuation of "Three Houses," may not enjoy this one. Those willing to explore a new setting and cast, however, will find satisfying mechanics and many hours of gameplay. Just don't go in expecting to learn more about the politics and history of Fódlan.