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How To Use Amiibo In Fire Emblem Engage (And What Rewards You Can Get)

"Fire Emblem Engage" had critics saying the same thing: the game's pretty awesome as far as a tactical RPG goes. While it may be lacking in some social aspects, there are features in the game that help fill the gaps, like online co-op play and Amiibo.

God is a Geek showed how easy it is to use an Amiibo in its YouTube video – once a player has unlocked Somniel, there will be an Amiibo Gazebo that players can interact with. After interacting with it, a prompt will come on the screen that instructs the player to tap the Amiibo they want to use on the controller of the Switch.

In the past, Amiibo have caused an uproar by adding some pretty busted, seemingly pay-to-win mechanics into games like "Metroid Dread." Luckily, "Fire Emblem Engage" doesn't have this problem, as they just unlock customization options that make the game feel more personal while playing. Luckily, any Amiibo can be used, not just "Fire Emblem" ones, according to Amiibo Life.

All the Amiibo rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

As Amiibo Life pointed out, using an Amiibo that isn't from the "Fire Emblem" franchise will reward players with items, which can be helpful throughout the game. However, "Fire Emblem" Amiibo will unlock items, along with Music and Fashion tickets.

These tickets can be traded in for music and clothing styles that match the 12 Emblems in the game. Emblems are the characters that are attached to Emblem Rings throughout the game, such as Marth, Lucina, and Lyn. The music options are memorable tracks from the original games of the returning characters, which can make the music around the Somniel nostalgic for longtime players (via God is a Geek). 

YouTube channel MELOO showed all of the Fashion Styles options, which make it so that a character can wear the same outfit as the Emblems available in the game. These Fashion Styles can be used on any character, and some of them even change the character's hairstyle as well. This feature is great for seasoned fans who may love a classic character or their design, such as Lyn's luscious ponytail or Leif's armor