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The Bizarre Argument Over Granite Minecraft Players Just Can't Settle

"Minecraft" still has a firm grip on the gaming community and pop culture in general. Despite this, fans shouldn't hold their breath in anticipation of a "Minecraft 2," as all signs point to Microsoft never releasing a sequel. Although it's no secret that the gaming community loves "Minecraft," a few aspects of the game have fans split. For example, not everyone is a fan of the game's auto-jumping mechanic, with many confused about why Mojang ever added it to "Minecraft."

Now gamers are split about another slice of "Minecraft" content. Recently, players have been busy debating one of the defining characteristics of the Granite block. The Granite block can be found underground or crafted using one Diorite and one Nether. And although developers added the block to "Minecraft" way back in 2014, a recent social media post has "Minecraft" fans debating about the block's color. And the whole situation feels very reminiscent of the viral dress image that swept social media in 2015.

Is Granite red, brown, orange, or pink?

On January 18, Reddit user ProGamer73 uploaded an image of the "Minecraft" Granite block titled "to settle a debate with a friend, is granite red or orange?" And since then, the comment section has exploded with gamers voicing their opinions about the block's color. The top comment, however, argued that the block was neither red nor orange. TBNRseppe pointed out that in the official "Minecraft" blog from 2017, the Granite block is described as pink, modeled after a version of real-life granite with excess potassium. Even so, only some were convinced this was the case.

Some still argued that the block was darker, looking more brown than pink. Other crafty gamers even tried to measure the color using science. For example, user "OmegaX____" used hex colors to 'prove' that the Granite block is a "medium dark shade of red-orange." And a few replies backed up that statement, explaining that pumping up the saturation provides all the proof needed.

As to why gamers are split on the issue, one user theorized that it could be partly due to gamers having different monitors programmed with different hue settings. At the same time, another user wrote that it was just the differences in how some people's eyes see colors. Due to the convincing arguments from both sides, it doesn't look like the "Minecraft" community will come to a consensus on the true color of the Granite block anytime soon, despite the developers weighing in.