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Fortnite: How To Find And Use The Falcon Scout

"Fortnite" really is the battle royale that keeps on giving. Each new season brings plenty of changes to shake up Epic's enormously successful free-to-play title, and Chapter 4 Season 1 has been no different. The recent addition of the Falcon Scout is the latest piece of evidence that the developers at Epic Games aren't any closer to running out of new ideas. 

Sometimes, of course, the battle royale will recycle older ideas from previous seasons such as the return of the siphon mechanic, but the Falcon Scout is, much like the Shockwave Hammer introduced earlier in the season, a brand new addition. While the Shockwave Hammer greatly improves a player's maneuverability on the battlefield and can inflict plenty of damage in the right situations, the Falcon Scout doesn't do much to help score eliminations. It's more of a utility tool, and although it won't down foes, it's incredibly powerful if used correctly. 

The Falcon Scout is a useful, player-controlled drone

First things first, of course. One must find a Falcon Scout before being able to use it. Unfortunately, there's no one specific spot on the massive "Fortnite" map where a Falcon Scout is necessarily guaranteed to appear — but the best places to look are Oathbound Chests. Can it be found anywhere on the ground or in a normal chest? Of course, but Oathbound Chests, typically found within the more castle-like structures scattered around the map, have a much higher chance of producing a Falcon Scout.

Once players have their hands on one, they'll notice that this item has infinite uses. It should feel slightly familiar to those that have used a Recon Drone in the "Call of Duty" series, as once it's activated, a player's point of view transitions to the Falcon Scout as it soars into the sky. While in this view, players control the mechanical birdie scout and several different things can be done. For starters, players can open chests, supply drops, ammo boxes, and, yes, even pick up specific pieces of loot such as ammo, weapons, and restoratives. 

Where the Falcon Scout gets exceptionally helpful is playing in a team. Of course, as a scout, the Falcon Scout can ping enemy locations for the pilot and allies, but most notably, the Falcon Scout can pick up downed allies and fly them to safety. Or, should a friend fall more permanently in combat, it can retrieve their Reboot Card. The biggest drawback to the Falcon Scout is the fact that its pilot is defenseless and immobile, but some careful coordination when playing with friends can help the Falcon Scout pull off plenty of useful maneuvers.