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Where To Find The Crescent Moon Nut In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot's Bardock DLC

"Dragon Ball Z Kakarot" has plenty of things to keep "Dragon Ball Z" fans busy in the main game, and the "Bardock" DLC only added to it. If players have avoided the 'Failed to Load Save Data' issue, they can experience the new features the "Bardock" DLC offers — like side missions and battles centering around Bardock, Goku's father. The "Bardock" DLC also added relationships between Bardock, his friends, and the rest of the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta (via PlayStation blog). Among the other activities available, players will can visit Freiza Force culinary Melone for a mission that seems simple, asking for a Crescent Moon Nut and Fatty Giant Fish.


Despite being called a nut, the Crescent Moon Nut actually takes the form of a collectible orb out in the environment — a fact that's confusing players. Even if fans know how to find the orb, the Crescent Moon Nut can still be difficult to locate without knowing where to go or some tricks to help make the ordeal easier. Luckily, players have banded together to figure out the best way to solve this nutty conundrum.

Use Ki Sense to spot the purple glow

Reddit user SuperVegitoFAN shared that the Crescent Moon Nut can be found between the primary city location and a campfire. To the right of a body of water, a double-decker rock formation sits beside a cliffside. This is where players should look for the Crescent Moon Nut. SuperVegitoFAN also recommended using Ki Sense to make finding the Nut easier. YouTuber dbxclips shared a video detailing what this looks like in-game for visual learners. 


Once players finally obtain the Crescent Moon Nut, the rest of the quest is relatively straightforward. Getting Fatty Giant Fish is as simple as fishing in the correct areas, according to YouTuber ZaFrostPet. With the Fatty Giant Fish and Crescent Moon Nut, players can return to Melone for their reward.

Beyond this side quest, ingredients can typically be used to create recipe items. While these items won't heal "Dragon Ball Z Kakarot" players, they will offer plenty of status effects and other benefits that are perfect before difficult battles. Fans will just want to ensure they turn that first Crescent Moon Nut into the quest-giver before pursuing any culinary aspirations.