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Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Place To Farm Bismuth Prism

There's no shortage of items to discover, collect, buy, sell, and craft within the "Monster Hunter" franchise, and that's no different with "Monster Hunter Rise." Some items are found from slaying monsters, some are found by sending Palico and Palamute buddies on far-off adventures, and some, like Bismuth Prisms, are found by foraging specific spots in specific areas. 

Since the game is no longer a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is now playable on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC, plenty of people who haven't been playing the title as long as Switch owners are likely wondering where one must go to locate and farm Bismuth Prisms. Luckily, it doesn't take too much work to actually obtain the Bismuth Prisms themselves, but it will take a few hunts in either Village or Hub quests before players unlock the single location in which this item can be found: The Lava Caverns.

Bismuth Prisms are found in Iridescent Ore piles

While most items in "Monster Hunter Rise" are used for creating useful consumables, pieces of armor, or new weapons, some items are known as Account Items. These are items that, when collected, can reward the player with the currency called Kamura points, and often serve as the required item for a variety of side quest deliveries. Bismuth Prisms are one such Account Item, and they're needed for the side quest, "Economic Stimulation." This quest, given to the player by Rondine the Trader, isn't available until late in the game, but its completion will reward the players with their third expeditionary submarine for sending buddies on item-hunting quests.

Bismuth prisms can be gathered anytime a player visits the Lava Caverns via either expeditions or monster-specific hunts. What players are looking for in the Lava Caverns are three different resource piles labeled as Iridescent Ore. Finding them on one's map is a breeze, thankfully, as opening the more detailed map from the menu will show the locations of the Iridescent Ore piles specifically by having the map filter to show "Special Items." 

Once players have located an Iridescent Ore pile, they simply need to interact with it to give it a good whack and receive the rewards. The odds of a Bismuth Prism appearing are random, so after hitting each Iridescent Ore pile players have had no luck, they may want to simply leave the quest they're on and return to give it another go. Fortunately, Rondine's quest only requires players to acquire three Bismuth Prisms, so it shouldn't take too much farming.