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How To Find Enlightened Renascence In WoW

"World of Warcraft: Dragonflight," the longstanding MMO's ninth expansion, had a lot to live up to following the divisive previous expansion "Shadowlands." So far, fans seem to think things are looking good in large part because of the expansion's many major changes to things "World of Warcraft" players have become used to in the last few years. Mission tables, borrowed power systems (like AP and anima), and that constant sense of grinding to keep up at max level have all been removed or eased, and that's not to mention UI, profession, and talent changes, as well as the new Evoker class and revolutionary Dragonriding system. 

There's a lot to unpack, but not everything in "Dragonflight" is new. As of the last reset on January 24, one of the most useful systems for endgame gear progression has returned: the Revival Catalyst. Located just north of the Halls of Infusion and Tyrhold, the Revival Catalyst allows players to convert non-tier armor to tier armor in the appropriate slots. 

It doesn't cost any gold to convert gear like this, but it's not a free process, either. To get enough Renascence to build a Renascent Lifeblood – the unique currency for the Revival Catalyst –  players must complete group content. Luckily, there are three tiers of Renascence, and the highest tier, Enlightened Renascence, can be farmed quickly through high-end group content, weekly events, and certain world quests. "Dragonflight" had an initial rocky start, but as time goes on and the game becomes more friendly to progressing gear, players seem to be liking it more and more.

High-end group content of almost every type can reward Enlightened Renascence

The lowest tier of Renascence, Minor Renascence, is earned in small amounts by killing rares and completing world quests. The second tier, Passing Renascence, can be earned from a larger variety of group content, including each faction's weekly quests, world quests, and the world boss. Minor Renascence awards 1% completion of the Revival Catalyst quest, while Passing Renascence awards 10%. Enlightened Renascence, the highest tier, awards 25%.

Enlightened Renascence is the hardest to earn of the three, and tends to only come as a reward for defeating Raid and Mythic Plus bosses. It doesn't matter what difficulty the Raid is, nor does it matter what level the Mythic Plus Keystone is. Each Raid boss should drop one, and the final chest of every Mythic Plus dungeon should have one, too.

According to some players, Enlightened Renascence can also be a reward for completing the Iskaaran Community Soup event. The quest doesn't progress automatically in this case, though, as just like in Raids and Mythic Plus the item has to actually be looted to build up the Revival Catalyst bar. The Enlightened Renascence is reportedly found in the Supply-Laden Soup Pot consumable that players get for completing the Soup's associated weekly.

Once all four Enlightened Renascence have been acquired, players should be at 100% completion, but if not, completing a blue world quest or downing a rare should get enough other Renascence to put it over the edge. Head back to the Revival Catalyst to get a Renascent Lifeblood to get started crafting tier sets.