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Bully 2 Developer Finally Reveals More About Rockstar's Canceled Game

"Bully," Rockstar's action-adventure game that brought chaos to the schoolyard, has had fans guessing about a sequel for years. There were never any announcements or plans made public from Rockstar, but fans hoped it was on the way. Then, in 2019, there was a leak about the development of "Bully 2" being canceled. Now, more information about what "Bully 2" looked like before Rockstar pulled the plug has been shared.

In 2019, YouTuber SWEGTA highlighted that "Bully 2" had once been in development but was canceled. A bit of information was shared about what the game looked like, such as a revamped climbing system, dumpster diving, and even more pranks. Jimmy was still the main character, but this time he'd be rowing against his step-siblings over the summer while exploring the nearby town and summer camp. This leak came from a developer who claimed to have worked on the game from 2008 to 2009.

SWEGTA has again shared more news on what "Bully 2" looked like before being canceled, and this time there are even more details that show just how far into development the sequel was. The latest news came from a Project Lead that worked on "Bully 2" in 2013, four years after the original leaker's claims.

The latest cancellation of Bully 2

According to SWEGTA, "Bully 2" has been in development and canceled multiple times because Rockstar has too many major titles on its plate. However, the sequel was supposedly so far into development that it had a roughly seven-hour-long vertical slice that could be played. (For context, a vertical slice is a fully developed section of the game often used for previews and showing the game off.)

The anonymous ex-Project Lead started with the fact that they didn't have any knowledge of current development. However, the 2013 version of "Bully 2" they were familiar with confirmed many previous leaks, such as Jimmy and his step-siblings' role in the games. The setting was set to shift to Jimmy's hometown during summer vacation, and the source recalled roughly 16 missions. One example involved Jimmy rescuing kids from summer camp with notable nods to "The Simpsons" episode "Kamp Krusty."

The source did point out that much of what "Bully 2" showcased was Rockstar experimenting with new things, and nothing was final. However, among those experiments were go-kart races and mowing lawn minigames. They also pointed out that some "Bully 2" features can be seen in "Red Dead Redemption 2" — like how NPCs or animals remember player actions. Other cool features included a morality-based faction system and in-depth consequences for actions.

Of course, this alleged version of "Bully 2" may never be released, but fans will have to see how Rockstar's plans unfold.