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The Bizarre Story Of How Kadabra Was Banned From Pokemon

Kadabra, the tragic middle evolution in Alakazam's evolution line, hasn't been included in "Pokémon TCG" since the second base set of the game. It's had a few reprints and some alternate forms, like Dark Kadabra, but none have been printed since 2003 (via Bulbapedia). The reason why? The Pokémon angered a real-life magician and elicited lawsuits.


According to The Guardian at the time of the lawsuit, paranormal magician Uri Geller felt that the Pokémon used his image and name without permission. This makes sense, given that the Japanese name for Kadabra is "Yungerer," which, when pronounced, sounds like the magician's name. Considering Uri Geller's main act includes bending spoons and Kadabra poses with a bent spoon, this was a bit of a shock. Geller had a lot to say at the time (via The Guardian):

"I wouldn't have given permission for an aggressive and, in one case, evil character to be based on me ... It's a straight theft of my persona." So how is Kadabra re-entering the "Pokémon" card game?

The verdict: Kadabra's coming back

Game Luster reported that the lawsuits Uri Geller filed were dismissed around the world, and a tweet from Geller back in 2020 included an apology and a hope to see Kadabra back in "Pokémon TCG."

According to a recent interview with Kotaku, Geller said he had a change of heart after becoming a grandfather: "... talking to them about the card, and seeing them play with the toys, I said, 'What on Earth did I do?!' And I realized it was a mistake." From there, Geller explained that the wrote to The Pokémon Company and released them from the ban. 


There were already leaks that Kadabra would be coming back to the game in June 2023, but Geller confirmed them. In a video on Twitter, Geller apologized again and announced that a Kadabra card would be coming out on June 16, 2023. Perhaps the upcoming "Pokémon" reality television show might feature the Uri Geller story.