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Pokemon Is Making Moves In Reality Television

Fans of the "Pokémon" franchise know the name of the game at this point: Catch 'em all, battle your rivals, be the very best, rinse and repeat. When a popular series of video games (and anime and manga and movies) has been going strong for nearly three decades, it's easy to feel like you've seen it all. Even with more recent games like "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" switching things up a bit, fans have been wondering when the "Pokémon" brand will be willing to really shake things up and try something new. Well, that answer may be on the way in the form of a reality TV series based around the best selling "Pokémon" Trading Card Game.


While they've never really gone away, "Pokémon" cards have certainly seen a major resurgence in popularity in the last few years. "Pokémon" card scalpers have gotten notably more brazen (and occasionally violent), forcing retailers like Target to enforce new rules regarding trading card sales. Meanwhile, counterfeit cards are on the rise, which is how celebrities like Logan Paul have ended up spending $3.5 million dollars on fakes, and why eBay has been cracking down on phonies with new listing policies. 

Even through all the controversy, however, one thing has remained abundantly clear: There is still a strong passion for the card game starring Pikachu and his pals. That may be why The Pokémon Company International thinks that it may have a hit TV show on its hands. But how exactly can you make a reality series out of "Pokémon" cards? And how can fans become a part of it?


A Pokemon TCG reality show?

Serebii.net shared a casting call for the new TV show on Twitter, which explained that The Pokémon Company International is looking for fans from every demographic to apply for a role.

In a press release for the proposed TV series, Pokémon Trading Card Game vice president Barry Sams said, "The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been a cornerstone of the Pokémon brand since it was introduced more than 25 years ago and at the center of its success is its fans. From dedicated competitors in the Play! Pokémon program and casual players battling after school with friends and family to collectors or general enthusiasts, we're looking forward to spotlighting the stories of our diverse TCG fans." He further encouraged all fans from in and around Los Angeles to come out and audition for the series. In other words, the show is looking to cast a wide net ranging from newbies to more hardcore fans and players.


The exact nature of the show is still a little bit unclear, but there are a few different routes this series could take. As noted by IGN, it could be interesting for the series to follow a format in which pro players are partnered with beginners to help them become the strongest card battlers they can be. This seems to be supported by the casting call posted by Serebii.net, which mentioned, "we would like to hear how a Pokémon TCG expert can help you." Of course, the show could also be a classic tournament, with amateurs battling it out against seasoned players.

Regardless of what form the show eventually takes, fans are already weighing in.

Fans have high hopes for the Pokemon TCG series

The news of a "Pokemon" Trading Card Game reality show has prompted all kinds of reactions from the fan community. In the replies to Serebii.net's post of the casting call, a number of followers were already tagging their friends and loved ones, encouraging them to go out to Los Angeles and audition for the series. Others expressed disbelief that the concept could make for an interesting reality series, with one fan posting an image of Pikachu giving a side-eye to the news.


Some fans argued that there could be room for improvement in the concept of a Trading Card Game-based television series. For instance, one fan on Twitter pointed out that it could be fun to see the show dive into the histories of some of the game's more obscure cards. Still others took the time to hope for the impossible, with one fan joking that, being a "reality" show, the new TV series would have to feature real Pokémon front and center, right?

Unfortunately for that last fan, "Detective Pikachu" is probably the closest thing fans will get to seeing "real" Pokémon on their screens. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream. As casting ramps up for the new reality show — and the arrival of the next games in the franchise, "Scarlet" and "Violet," gets closer — The Pokémon Company is sure to release more details regarding the next evolution of Pokémon entertainment.