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Marvel's Midnight Suns: How To Beat The Guardian Challenge

In "Marvel's Midnight Suns," players have the choice to pursue particularly demanding Challenge Missions in order to unlock legendary rewards for their favorite Heroes, including Captain America. Some progression into this 45-hour game is required for any Hero to unlock a Challenge.

To unlock Captain America's Guardian Challenge, gamers must also max out Captain America's Friendship Level through compliments, missions, gifts, hangouts, and other means. After putting in all that effort, players will definitely want to unlock his legendary Shield Charge card by proving themselves in the Guardian Challenge, which will certainly push their limits due to its difficulty. In addition to this important ability, beating the Guardian Challenge also unlocks Captain America's "Midnight Suns" suit.

One of the biggest sticking points in the Guardian Challenge is Captain America's limited card count. He's only allowed three cards, yet he has to face off against six enemies and emerge victorious. Here's how it's done.

Strategize step-by-step to beat the Guardian Challenge

Game Rant, GG Recon, CBR, and the game's Fandom Wiki all suggest a similar, streamlined approach for beating the Guardian Challenge in "Marvel's Midnight Suns" — all with the intention of helping gamers unlock Captain America's legendary card and "Midnight Suns" suit. To gain Captain America's full potential, players have a few steps to follow. Precision is vital, but what's even more important is going in with a predetermined strategy. There are six enemies in battle, and the order in which gamers take them down is key.

The first move is playing the Punch card to send the rightmost enemy into the wall for an instant kill. Gamers should play The Best Defense card next to rack up their block stats as they deal damage. By now, there's a new enemy to the far right, who can also be punched right into the wall. Next should be the Shield Bounce card, which can take out the three next enemies in one fell swoop. Tactician comes next since that card grants additional blocking abilities and allows the player to draw two cards. To end the fight, players should use the power of the Shield Bash card twice, as well as an additional use of the Punch card -– these three moves can be used in any order for the kill. Enemies aside, gamers can simply destroy the Black Crystal to fully complete the Guardian Challenge.

Following this hard work, players may find themselves agreeing with "Marvel's Midnight Suns" critics that the game is complex — but ultimately worth the payoff.