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Street Fighter Duel: What We Know So Far

"Street Fighter" fans have lots to look forward to in 2023. "Street Fighter 6" is set to release this summer, and it looks like it will change the series in exciting new ways. Further, gamers will likely have another title to tide them over while they wait, with the launch of the new mobile game, "Street Fighter: Duel."


"Street Fighter: Duel" is being released by Capcom in partnership with Crunchyroll Games and looks to shake up the standard gameplay of the series. Anime fans will know Crunchyroll as the popular platform for English versions of anime series, and this collaboration will take "Street Fighter" into the world of RPGs.

Neither Capcom nor Crunchyroll has released too much information yet, so only the basic facts are currently known, and it's enough to get fans at least intrigued. For anyone who has wanted to build a whole team of fighters and take on foes as part of a more detailed story, this will be a game to keep an eye on.

Does Street Fighter: Duel have a release date?

"Street Fighter: Duel" doesn't have a solid release date yet, and the expected timeframe isn't entirely clear. While the game's trailer initially referenced a launch in February (per GameRant), any mention of a release month seems to have been removed. Even the game's Google Play had all trace that the game will be released in February removed. Meanwhile, the game's page in the iOS App Store, when viewed on a phone, lists an anticipated release of April 1, 2023. With the game's Crunchyroll website not referencing a release date, the time frame remains a mystery.


Still, there is little evidence to still suggest a February release, especially as the latest date listed as possible is April 1. So, While it's not a certainty, fans have reason to hope that "Street Fighter: Duel" will be launching in the Spring, ahead of "Street Fighter 6."

Whenever it releases, it will be available for both Android and iOS.

Is there a trailer for Street Fighter: Duel?

An announcement trailer has been released that captures the style of "Street Fighter" but is notably light on details. It features Ryu striking dramatic poses, complete with close-ups of his fist and face. After a few moments, he performs his classic hadoken attack. When the fireball clears, viewers get a new shot of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Blanka striking fighting stances before the screen switches to the title of the game and encouragement for viewers to pre-register.


This certainly isn't much to go on, but it does reveal that Capcom and Crunchyroll are looking to highlight the classic characters from the series. Beyond that, fans will need to go to the game's website and other sources for more of an idea about what to expect. Fortunately, there is more info available that provides a clearer picture of what "Street Fighter: Duels" will be like. 

What will Street Fighter: Duel's gameplay be like?

Based on the game's website, "Street Fighter: Duels" will involve team building and character upgrading mechanics that will see players taking part in a new story that involves uncovering a global conspiracy. It appears that both PvE and PvP will be possible in some form, and Crunchyroll is emphasizing the fact that players will be able to choose what content they want to engage with, including challenging other players around the world.


It should also be noted that "Street Fighter: Duels" isn't exactly a new game. It's already released in China, so the upcoming launch is for the rest of the world. Assuming the gameplay stays the same, then fans can anticipate dozens of usable characters, over thirty stages, a mix of real-time and turn-based combat, as well as the ability to form guilds with other players.

Of course, it's not clear what features will be available at launch or whether or not the worldwide release will deviate from the Chinese version. Still, there's enough on the table to pique the interest of mobile gamers and "Street Fighter" fans.