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Street Fighter 6 Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

The logo for "Street Fighter 6" had fans up in arms when Capcom revealed it in the game's teaser trailer, but plenty of fans in the comment section expressed how excited they felt to jump into the latest entry in the renowned fighting series. The first closed beta gave select individuals the closest official look at the title so far in terms of gameplay, and plenty of YouTubers, such as fighting game enthusiast Maximilian Dood, have had the chance to visit Capcom and play early builds of the entry as well.


Beyond these official looks, some information reached fans in a way that Capcom would have preferred to avoid. We know the identity of each character on the sizable roster thanks to a massive "Street Fighter 6" leak. There are still plenty of details that Capcom has kept under wraps, though the company continues to provide glimpses of what fans can expect to see when the game gets its full release.

What is the release date for Street Fighter 6?

As part of its debut at 2022's The Game Awards, the pre-order trailer for "Street Fighter 6" announced that the game will arrive on June 2, 2023. Those that want to take advantage of pre-ordering the follow-up will receive bonus content in the form of alternate skins for select characters.


Prospective buyers can pick up "Street Fighter 6" for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Additionally, the installment will include full cross-platform compatibility. Those hoping that Capcom will port the game to Nintendo Switch, however, will likely be disappointed to learn that there are currently no plans in motion to bring the title to the portable.

While plenty of games have grown more expensive, including upcoming Xbox Series X titles, "Street Fighter 6" is available on the latest consoles for $60 rather than the higher $70 that's becoming the industry standard.

What do the trailers reveal about Street Fighter 6?

In addition to the aforementioned teaser trailer and pre-order trailer, the game also has an announce trailer. While the teaser offers little more than a quick glance at the sequel, the announce trailer shows off the visuals, new and returning fighters, and a story mode featuring custom characters.


The pre-order trailer builds upon this with another look at the roster and a closer examination of some of the activities players will have the option to participate in. These include hanging out with "Street Fighter 6" characters, taking part in some minigames, and even fighting with their custom character.

The "Street Fighter 6" YouTube channel has also uploaded gameplay trailers for characters such as Guile, Kimberly and Juri, and even a video that illustrates some of the new Dynamic Controls that should prove to be a blessing for button-mashers.

What's the gameplay like in Street Fighter 6?

From all of the footage shown up to this point, "Street Fighter 6" looks to continue the series' tradition of 2D fighting game action. As seen in the announce trailer, players will also have the chance to travel through Metro City via a more open third-person exploration format. Thanks to the fact that this adventure mode is a first for the franchise, "Street Fighter 6" could prove to be a big change for the series. It's unclear at this moment how players will transition from adventuring through the open environments into the high-action street fights.


Based on the pre-order trailer, there seems to be a way for players to equip their custom characters with moves from named fighters in the game. The ability to mix and match one's abilities could prove appealing to those who wish to create specific combinations for certain encounters.