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The Day Before Demo Didn't Get The Reaction The Devs Hoped

"The Day Before" has had fans worried for quite some time now, and the worries are growing larger and larger after a recent gameplay demo was shared. After a major delay for what was once Steam's most wish-listed game pushed its release date back by nine months, news about developer Fntastic's volunteer culture showed just how strange development for the game was. A second delay –- this time due to copyright issues in the title -– had fans seriously skeptical about "The Day Before" being real.


The game's most recent delay also included the delay of gameplay footage. That footage was finally released, and it didn't land with people the way developers may have hoped. The 10-minute gameplay video showed off a lot of running around the game's environment, weapon modding, and a bit of shooting action.

Little surprise then when fans weren't happy with what was released at all. Considering the game's release date, prior to last week, was in March, the gameplay was incredibly disappointing for many people. The video had barely any zombies, a lot of sound design was missing, and some even mentioned that the art style completely took a turn.

To some, this was even further proof that "The Day Before" wasn't actually a game. Fntastic had a rebuttal to these claims, but it still fell on deaf ears.


Fntastic's 'proof' that The Day Before is real

Less than an hour after releasing the gameplay footage, Fntastic tweeted out a video of a developer playing "The Day Before." The video showed off a developer using a keyboard and mouse to play the game, basically offering proof that "The Day Before" was real and playable.


However, this led to even more debate about how real the game is, or at the very least how far in development it is. One news writer Ben, @videotech_, said that the video was "trolling." Twitter user @axamili7 pointed out that the game felt like "pre-alpha footage," which was especially worrying because there's been no talk about testing the MMO servers that were supposed to be live a month from the footage release.

Another user, @CWG_UNIT, pointed out that the developer looked like they were playing in the same area that the gameplay footage was set in, which hints that the single street may be the only thing done at this point.

Overall, neither video did much to assure fans that "The Day Before" will be the zombie MMO that they were excited about. Too much was lacking for many to believe that the gameplay wasn't thrown together at the last second.