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How To Get Infinite Ammo In Dead Space

In the acclaimed remake of "Dead Space," ammo and resources are hard to come by. Luckily, for those who lack the patience to micromanage all of these things through the game's runtime, there is a glitch in the game that allows them to essentially build up infinite ammo through some clever trickery and exploitation. It is almost identical to a trick seen with the Detonator weapon in "Dead Space 2" in which ammo can be infinitely stocked through capacity upgrades. "Dead Space 3" also had a similar ammo farming technique.

It should be noted that achieving infinite ammo in the "Dead Space" is indeed an exploit which will open players up to many more benefits on top of it, such as a constant flow of credits — essentially giving them infinite cash as well. If using such an exploit can take away from the gaming experience, maybe this glitch isn't for you. However, if none of that is of any importance, then here's everything to know about unlocking the infinite ammo glitch in the "Dead Space" remake.

How the exploit is done

As shared by Reddit user Mrthrowawaymcgee, there is a process to the exploit that grants players infinite ammo. First, players must already have the Pulse Rifle. This can be first acquired during "Intensive Care" during Chapter 2 (via Kotaku). Though four Nodes can work for the exploit, it is recommended you have at least seven in order to obtain optimal success. If you have upgraded the Pulse Rifle at all since you got it, you'll need 5,000 credits in order to reset it. This is required should you want the exploit to work (via Polygon).

According to Mrthroawaymcgee, players must start the exploit by using alt fire on the Pulse Rifle to disperse a Proximity Mine, look at it, then press the alt fire command again to convert it into ammo that you can add to your inventory — don't put it back into the Pulse Rifle. With the Pulse Rifle now empty and the ammo securely stored in the inventory, use the workbench and the minimum seven Nodes you have to upgrade its capacity. Each time you do this, the Pulse Rifle will automatically reload which allows the process to be repeated so long as you have enough credits to respec the weapon, giving you infinite ammo as a result. This ammo can also be sold for purchasable nodes.

Should the ammo mean less to you than the cash, players who do this will receive up to 8,750 credits every five minutes, as detailed by YouTuber I Lap the Flash.