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Project Honor: Everything We Know About OTK's Video Game

OTK has been making waves since it formed in 2020, and this has only ramped up since Emiru signed on as a co-owner. Its recent projects have included streaming content and partnerships with game developers. Now, one of those partnerships has got a new action RPG in the works. Currently referred to as "Project Honor," this new game is being developed by Notorious Studios, which also celebrated its founding fairly recently.


Notorious Studios introduced itself to the world in 2021 with a promise to make a great RPG, and it certainly has the expertise and passion to back up that commitment. The studio was founded by former employees of Blizzard who all worked on "World of Warcraft." Further, the team members all play RPGs as well, with the studio name being taken from the "World of Warcraft" guild they were in together. Now, the new studio is looking to craft a game that captures their love of RPGs and, especially, their love of playing as part of a larger community.

With an experienced team of RPG veterans and backing by OTK, "Project Honor" is sure to draw the attention of gamers.

Does Project Honor have a release date?

"Project Honor" was announced last year, and Notorious Studios has made it clear that it's still very much in the early stages. As such, there's currently no set release date, so fans probably shouldn't get their hopes up for any news about one for some time.


The studio's introduction video shows that the team is starting small and is still hiring more employees for various positions, so this game will be in development under a team that's still growing and establishing itself. The FAQ on the game's website also defines the studio as an indie team with limited resources. Given these limitations and the apparent ambitions for "Project Honor," this game is likely to take some time.

There's currently no word on what systems the game will be available for either. However, given the past work experience of the founding team, it wouldn't be surprising if the release was limited to PC.

Is there a trailer for Project Honor?

Given the very early stages of development, there's currently no trailer for "Project Honor." Notorious Studios has released a "first look" video, however, that offers a bit more detail about the game and shows off some early images.


The video emphasizes the goal of making different classes feel unique, both mechanically and visually. It also mentions planned customizability for players to further make characters within the same class distinct. These customization options aren't shown in this video and only the planned "warrior" class gets a specific mention along with some images, but Notorious Studios promises more information will come in the future.

The video also discusses the importance of an open world for the experience and provides a single image of a warrior exploring a dark forest. Notorious Studios has specified that this image is an in-game screenshot and not just art, making the beauty of it much more impressive.


Finally, the video notes that playtesting will be happening at some point in the future and calls for gamers to sign up at the Notorious Studios website.

What will Project Honor's gameplay be like?

The past videos and the game's website provide plenty of information about the philosophy behind the game but very little in the way of concrete details. With "Project Honor" still in its earliest stages, Notorious Studios seems reluctant to show off too much just yet. Still, gamers do have an idea of what the game is generally intended to be like.


The studio is emphasizing class-based gameplay and action RPG mechanics with a mix of PvP and PvE without being an MMO. The PvP in a large, open world appears to be a priority with CEO Chris referring to the project as "world PvP: the game."

Apart from these bits of info, all we currently know is that the action will take place from a third-person perspective and involve both combat and looting. Gamers will just have to wait for the playtesting to learn more about the actual mechanics of the game and what to expect when "Project Honor" eventually launches.