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Emiru Takes A Big Leap Into Co-Owner Of OTK

Mega-popular "League of Legends" streamer and cosplayer Emiru is now officially a co-owner of OTK. This news arrives following some turbulent times for the organization of content creators. In late 2022, org co-founder Mizkif stepped away from streaming and many of his responsibilities following a series of scandals. Mizkif has since returned to streaming, and now it seems that Emiru is being called to take on a leading role.


Emiru joined OTK in January 2022 and has rapidly grown into one of the network's most influential content creators, playing a role in many of OTK's collaborative projects. She currently has 1.1 million followers on Twitch, 631K followers on Instagram and 499K subscribers on her YouTube channel – a healthy following that's certainly worthy of OTK's elite upper echelon.

The exciting announcement was made during January 29's OTK shareholders meeting livestream. The group put together a cinematic trailer featuring Emiru as a princess trapped in a castle, playing games and watching streams in isolation. During the announcement video, Emiru looks out the window and sees Mitzkif and Esfand fighting. Descending the steps of her tower, Emiru battles her way past fellow members Tips Out, Asmongold, Mitzkif and Esfand, before narrating, "She took the crown for herself and became king of the kingdom."


Fans are excited for Emiru to take charge

After the video announcement, Emiru said at the meeting, "Thank you guys, I've been looking forward to announcing my ownership for a while now and I'm really excited to do more with OTK and to be working more closely with all these awesome motherf*****s up here." She then proceeded to give each of her co-owners a "performance review," joking about what each of them needed to do better in order to improve the network, before announcing that she would be starting her own show called "Cosplay Clash." 


Emiru explained that this competitive series will bring cosplayers from around the world to LA and Austin, Texas. There, they will compete by dressing up popular streamers in their best cosplay. According to Emiru, the hope is that this show will both draw attention to cosplay designers and entertaining fans of the participating streamers.

Fans seem ecstatic to hear that Emiru will be getting her hand on the reins of the network. Twitter user @AriaSaki said, "This was FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEE!!" Several others congratulated her on her ascension or else showed their tacit approval with a simple "W."