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WWE 2K23 Icon Edition: What's Included?

From having once been in talks to star as a live-action "Duke Nukem" to his high-profile cameo in "Fortnite," John Cena is a familiar face in the gaming world. His next appearance will be as the featured star of "WWE 2K23," returning to the series' front cover for the first time in eight years.


Subsequently, many of the rewards that are packaged with the deluxe editions of the game are centered around commemorating Cena. Releasing worldwide on March 17, 2023, "WWE 2K23" arrives in four editions: the "Standard" edition, which is listed at $59.99; the "Cross-gen Digital" edition, which is listed at the same price as "Standard"; the "Deluxe Edition," which is listed at $99.99; and the "Icon Edition," listed at $119.99 (via 2K Sports).

The only difference between the "Cross-gen Digital" and "Standard" editions is that the former contains (naturally) a digital copy of the base game that's playable across generations of the same console family, albeit with no extra bonuses. Meanwhile, both the "Deluxe" and "Icon" editions are packed with in-game rewards perfect for any avid player.


What does WWE 2K23 Deluxe Edition Include?

Both the "Deluxe" and "Icon" editions comprise mostly of gameplay boosts as well as roster and arena unlocks. To start with, the "Deluxe Edition" is listed at $99.99 — $40 more than standard — and includes:

  • Three day early access, letting players load up the game starting March 14, 2023
  • The Season Pass, which guarantees access to all five of the currently planned and upcoming DLC
  • The MyRISE Mega-Boost pack, which contains 200 additional Attribute Points to use in the MyRISE single-player game mode
  • The Supercharger Pack, which unlocks all base-game WWE Legends and throwback arenas from the get-go
  • One Ruby-tier John Cena MyFACTION Evo card
  • Individual MyFACTION cards of Bianca Belair (Emerald-tier), Asuka (Gold-tier) and Edge (Gold-tier)
  • Three Basic Premium Launch MyFACTION card packs

At a glance, it seems there are a ton of MyFACTION cards and boosts that come with the "Deluxe Edition," offering players a good head start on building a powerful faction. Players keen on taking on the online competitive scene for "WWE 2K23" might want to sign up for at least the "Deluxe Edition" if they have the cash to spare.

What does WWE 2K23 Icon Edition and Pre-order Bonus include?

Snagging the "Icon Edition" means another price hike of $60 above Standard. At $119.99, this is a digital-only edition, exclusively available through the online storefronts of the relevant consoles and platforms. It includes everything offered in the "Deluxe Edition," plus more goodies separated into two packs:

  • The Ruthless Aggression Content pack, which includes:
    • Playable Prototype Cena, representing the wrestler's early days in the pro circuit
    • One Prototype John Cena MyFACTION Card
    • Playable roster additions of Leviathan Batista, Throwback Randy Orton, and Throwback Brock Lesnar
    • John Cena Legacy Championship Belt cosmetic
    • WrestleMania 22 Arena
  • The Icon Edition Content pack, which includes:
    • One Emerald-tier Paul Heyman Manager MyFACTION card
    • Three Deluxe Premium Launch MyFACTION card packs

For only $20 more than the "Deluxe Edition," this is a respectable pool of extra rewards, making it a great option for players who are already intent on getting the "Deluxe Edition" and wouldn't mind a few more gameplay perks.

Another thing to note is all purchases made before release, including the "Standard" and "Cross-Gen Digital" editions, will receive the digital "Bad Bunny Bonus Pack." This preorder bonus includes:

  • Playable Bad Bunny Character
  • One Ruby-tier Bad Bunny MyFACTION card