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Pikmin 4 Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Though some despaired of seeing "Pikmin 4," Nintendo put those worries to rest and gave fans the best news with the title's official announcement back in September 2022. While the reveal that "Pikmin 4" was on its way was partially overshadowed by a more in-depth look at the mobile game "Pikmin Bloom," players now have a more vital understanding of what they have to look forward to in the latest installment of Nintendo's plucky, garden-loving franchise thanks to the February 2023 Nintendo Direct


Complete with a fresh, backyard-inspired world to explore, plenty of never-before-seen baddies, and even some new Pikmin, "Pikmin 4" looks ready to give gamers more of the cute, strategic experience they've come to know and love. Perhaps best of all for those waiting for a new "Pikmin" title, we finally know when the game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

What is the Pikmin 4 release date?

While a full year hasn't passed since the announcement of "Pikmin 4," the title has received a targeted release date of July 21, 2023. When the game does arrive, it will have been nearly ten years since the release of its predecessor, "Pikmin 3." on the Nintendo Wii U. "Pikmin 3" was then ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2020, so the wait hasn't been as brutal for those who were introduced to the franchise on Nintendo's potent portable. 


For longtime fans, on the other hand, the lengthy gap is finally coming to a close. There was no mention of whether or not a demo will drop before the game's full release similar to the way the Switch port of "Pikmin 3" received a demo before launch, but perhaps one could be announced as the "Pikmin 4" debut gets closer. 

What do the trailers reveal about Pikmin 4?

Fans have two trailers to help build the hype as "Pikmin 4" gets closer and closer. The announcement trailer doesn't provide much more than a teasing glance at the game's backyard aesthetic, but the lengthier trailer from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct offers a deeper look at the story, setting, characters, and gameplay. 


The trailer begins with some small astronauts getting lost within the void of space before crashlanding on a strange, alien world — a world that looks a lot like our own. The sequence does plenty to show off the reality-inspired visuals with a quant backyard setting. Of course, even if the world looks like ours, it isn't exactly like it thanks to the presence of the helpful little critters known as Pikmin. The trailer introduces returning favorites and even a brand-new Ice Pikmin which can freeze foes in place or assist the player in traversing certain parts of the map.

The Pikmin aren't the only returning creatures, as fan-favorite baddies such as the gluttonous Red Bulborb and flame-spewing Fiery Blowhog feature in the trailer as well. New foes, including an enormous unknown boss, have their moments to shine in the trailer too.


What's the gameplay like in Pikmin 4?

While the "Pikmin 4" trailer doesn't go into too much detail on whether or not there will be any large shakeups to the "Pikmin" gameplay formula, it does briefly introduce new mechanics that seem to integrate with the familiar loop of gathering and working with Pikmin that fans have come to love. Players will still traverse the world while collecting bud-headed buddies and using them to defeat enemies, gather items, and overcome obstacles.


The new Ice Pikmin promises to shake things up by allowing players to freeze water. Additionally, a dog-like companion called Oatchi looks ready to vary the experience by giving players a more direct, powerful ally. Oatchi can quickly dash through some obstacles, is as strong as ten Pikmin, and can even carry the player and their Pikmin pals across bodies of water. Just in case no Ice Pikmin happens to be present, of course.