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Dark Type Weaknesses & Resistances In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

"Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" wowed critics with its open world and variety of features, including highly anticipated legendaries. Like all Pokémon games, however, it can potentially overwhelm newcomers with all the things there are to do and all the mechanics they need to keep straight. In particular, understanding types and how they affect performance in battle is of vital importance for Pokémon trainers. For those wondering how to make use of, or counter, Dark type Pokémon by taking advantage of their weaknesses and resistances, this guide is for you.


Dark type has the distinction of being one of only two types — the other is Steel — not present in the first games and not added until Generation 2. Like all types, it has strengths and weaknesses designed to keep it balanced and fit it into the larger battle meta. When using Dark type Pokémon, it's important to remember which other types it's strong against, meaning it has resistance to or does increased damage towards that type — and which types it's weak against, meaning it takes increased damage from or does increased towards it.

Dark type strengths and resistances

In preparing for battles and checking strengths and weaknesses, the type chart from Pokémon Database and the Pokémon Type Calculator are always great resources.

A review of the data quickly indicates that Dark type Pokémon are resistant to Psychic, Ghost, and other Dark types. Psychic type moves have no effect on Dark types, and Ghost and Dark moves will only do half-damage. Further, Dark types will do double damage against Psychic and Ghost types.


Combined, this makes Dark type Pokémon an excellent counter to Psychics and Ghosts. Their ability to resist those attacks while dealing extra damage makes them the perfect fit when facing these Pokémon. As such, Dark types should be considered by trainers looking to take on the Alfornada and Montenevera gyms as they specialize in these types.

Of course, like every type, Dark has its weaknesses, and trainers should know when to switch to another type or what to do when faced with an opponent that also brings Dark types into battle.

Dark type weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Just as Dark types make great counters against certain Pokémon, there are other types that will effectively counter Dark types. Specifically, Fighting, Fairy, and other Dark types resist Dark attacks, taking half of normal damage. Further, Dark types are weak against Fighting, Fairy, and Bug attacks, taking double damage from them. Put together, this makes Fighting and Fairy type Pokémon the best counters to Dark types.


Among the Pokémon available in the Paldea region, solid Dark type counters would include Quaquaval, which is the final form of the starter Quaxly and is a dual Water/Fighting type. Another good choice would be a certain Steel and Fairy type that happens to be the most popular Pokémon in Generation 9 so far, Tinkaton.

Preparation is half the battle in "Pokémon" and, with this knowledge, trainers will be ready for any battles that have Dark types on either side of the field. Just 17 more types to learn on the way to becoming the best there ever was!