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The Rarest Mount In Final Fantasy 14

"Final Fantasy 14" players have long joked that "fashion" is the MMO's "true endgame," and rightfully so. The title has so many different weapon, armor, and mount skins that it can be overwhelming at first glance. And because gamers have the ability to Glamour their equipment, they can always look how they want. Players sometimes cosplay as their favorite anime characters or mix and match different sets to their liking. Patch 6.3 brought even more customization options to "Final Fantasy 14." 


Not all skins are easy to come by, however. Only a small percentage of the "Final Fantasy 14" player base owns some customization options (per Lalachievements). This is because the skins in question either require an extraordinary amount of work to unlock, with only a few gamers willing to put in the effort, or they are awarded during a time-gated event. 

A similar principle applies to mounts. Once players unlock their first mount in "Final Fantasy 14," they will likely see other players flying around on their extravagant mounts and wonder about the rarest of them all.

The Pteranodon is the rarest of them all

According to Lalachievements, the rarest mount in "Final Fantasy 14" is the Pteranodon, with only 0.77% of players owning one. However, there are technically other mounts with fewer owners. This is likely because they are newer, and players have had less time to procure them. However, the Pteranodon was added way back in 2020 via Patch 5.2, and it remains an incredibly rare mount. And when looking at its requirements, it's easy to see why.


Players obtain the Pteranodon by unlocking the "Castle in the Sky" achievement, which requires them to "earn 500,000 points toward [their] skyward score as every Disciple of the Hand and Land." This demands an incredible amount of crafting and gathering to achieve. One user noted it took them around 600 hours to unlock. Thankfully, most of the process is not intensive, so players can binge Netflix on the second monitor if they wish. 

After obtaining the rare mount, players can join the exclusive "giant dinosaur club," as the members call it. The Pteranodon is definitely more impressive than a store-bought mount. Although shelling out 20 dollars may be better for a gamer's mental well-being.