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Team Fortress 3: Will We Ever See A Sequel?

"Team Fortress 2" launched all the way back in 2007, making it older than some fans enjoying it today. Despite its age, the competitive shooter is still going strong, with a consistent player base and no sign of its popularity waning. Naturally, this raises questions about the possibility of a sequel.


For years, fans have asked about "Team Fortress 3." Some are desperate for any sign that it's in the works or could be developed someday. Sadly, there's been no official word from developer and publisher Valve, and many players have given up any hope of seeing a new installment any time soon, if ever.

While anything is possible, the pessimists appear to have the stronger case at the moment. Valve seems to have shifted its focus away from game development, abandoning "Left 4 Dead 3" and "Half-Life 3." Given this, it's difficult to imagine "Team Fortress 3" getting greenlit in the future.

Team Fortress 3 unlikely but Valve has more games incoming

Valve is far less focused on games these days and seems to be doing just fine operating Steam and continuing to roll out content for "Team Fortress 2." It's also been speculated that Valve would be reluctant to develop a sequel as it would be nearly impossible to top what it's already done (per GameGrin). With the current game still drawing players and making money for the developer, there may not be much incentive to take the risk of a sequel.


Further, it's important to remember that, even when Valve wants to work on a project, it can take a shocking amount of time to finish. "Team Fortress 2" had a turbulent development cycle and some projects, like a planned show on Adult Swim, were ultimately canceled because of "Valve's inability ... to meet deadlines" and other internal challenges (via Tyler McVicker). There's a reason "Valve Time" has come to mean taking much longer than announced to release a project.

On the other hand, fans shouldn't abandon hope entirely. Valve did put out "Half-Life: Alyx" in 2020 and it may not be the end of the series. Since its launch, Valve has rediscovered its love of making games and confirmed that it has more up its sleeve. There's no word yet on what these titles could be but the fact that anything is planned is a positive sign.