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Hogwarts Legacy: Why You Should Pick Gryffindor

There's no shortage of magical side missions to do and enchanted mysteries to uncover within "Hogwarts Legacy." But before any player can really dive into all that this video game adaptation of the Wizarding World has to offer, players must be sorted into their Hogwarts House. Each House has plenty to offer, like Hufflepuff's exclusive Azkaban mission, but those that are longtime fans of the series should consider joining Gryffindor House.


Sorting players into their House in "Hogwarts Legacy" isn't as involved as the process that's depicted within the books, films, or personality quizzes online — the game ensures players have the chance to choose whatever House they want. However, once a House has been chosen there is no changing it at any point during the playthrough. With this in mind, players should know that although each House has one exclusive mission, there are some particularly interesting things they'll be missing out on if they don't choose to join the famous Gryffindor House.

Gryffindor players get to spend a quest with Nearly Headless Nick

Shortly into "Hogwarts Legacy," players following the main questline will sneak into the restricted section of the Hogwarts library to retrieve an ancient and mysterious book. Unfortunately, it happens to be missing some crucial pages. The steps a player then embarks on to recover these pages vary based on the House players belong to.


For Gryffindor, the quest for these pages should prove particularly exciting to fans of the "Harry Potter" books and films dying to hang out with the talkative ghosts. "The Hunt for the Missing Pages" sees Nearly Headless Nick ask players to assist him in joining the Headless Hunt — something Nick will later ask Harry Potter to assist him with.

As part of his never-ending pursuit to join the Headless Hunt, Sir Nicholas will ask the player to retrieve a putrid, meaty offering from the Hogwarts Kitchen. Seeing the house elves busy at work should prove to be a treat, but sadly, Nick is denied entry due to his "nearly headless" nature. While the quest doesn't end as Nick would have wanted, players can still enjoy spending time with the lovable ghost in a way that no Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw could.


Of course, if spending an evening with Sir Nicholas isn't enough to entice one to join Gryffindor, being able to soak in the cozy and faithfully depicted Gryffindor common room is certainly a plus for any Hogwarts fan.