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The Pokémon Anime Just Revealed Its New Pikachu (And He Means Business)

There's a fresh iteration of Pikachu coming aboard a new "Pokémon" anime series. This time, the iconic electric type star fans know and love from the original long-running "Pokémon" anime is also a Captain – and that's not all. In a press release shared with the public Feb. 24, 2023, The Pokémon Company International shared that Captain Pikachu will be joined by a human companion named Friede.

While no one can replace the original dynamic duo of Ash and Pikachu, Friede and Captain Pikachu represent the next generation of the "Pokémon" anime series, emphasizing the fact that the "Pokémon" franchise is not slowing down on delivering new ideas and content. The Pokémon Company International shared the new designs for Friede and Captain Pikachu on Twitter. Friede's rocking a brown bomber jacket, goggles, and boots, giving the impression that he may be a pilot, and Captain Pikachu's white and black hat with a gold crest fits in equally well with the pilot aesthetic. In some additional pictures shared by Seribii on Twitter, Pikachu's showing off some attitude with crossed arms and an adorable grimace.

While it's hard to say yet how this pilot theme may make its appearance in the upcoming "Pokemon" anime, it's a clear departure from the original's style, already suggesting a sense of novelty to come. That being said, The Pokémon Company International sees the continued presence of Pikachu as a series star as a thread connecting the new chapter of Pokémon to its history.

Pokémon reveals more on its new anime series

In regards to the decision to keep Pikachu in the spotlight, The Pokémon Company International's VP of marketing Taito Okiura said via press release, "For 27 years, Pikachu has been synonymous with the Pokémon franchise, and we look forward to seeing this beloved Pokémon continue to have a significant presence in the animated series and remain an icon for the brand." Okiura also shared that the series will be released later in 2023.

Adding additional intrigue to the announcement, The Pokémon Company International confirmed the show would have dual protagonists: Liko, hailing from the Paldea region, and the Kanto region's Roy. The company confirmed more information to come. Finally, it was shared that some new episodes of "Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series" are now live on Netflix. Though it's hard for fans to say goodbye to Ash – especially considering how recently his exit was announced – this next chapter promises more adventures to keep Pokémon fans entertained. There may be some tear-jerking moments as Ash's journey reaches a conclusion with classic Pikachu, but it's onward and upward for Friede and Captain Pikachu.