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Atomic Heart: How To Solve The Boiler Room Puzzle

While some players have reported a bug in the boiler room that causes their Xbox to overheat, others are simply struggling with the puzzle. Controversy involving the Russian government aside, the game is visually stunning but has perhaps too many puzzles, some of which leave certain players frustrated and unable to move forward. Unfortunately, while the solution to the puzzle is relatively simple, the challenge is out-maneuvering some unintended bugs. In the boiler room, the goal is to cool three boilers, all of which are overheating. P-3 can cool the boilers with a large stash of Fahrenheit candles. However, that's if the game allows him to.


For players who just can't get the candle into the chutes, it's time to restart. And restart. And then maybe restart again. They may have to restart several more times to remove the glitch, but once it's gone, solving the puzzle is a straightforward endeavor thanks to P-3's telekinesis.

Use the Polymer Glove

Once the bug blocking the chute has been fixed, it's time to clear the area of any lingering lab techs. This step is technically not necessary, but it will simply make the task easier as players will have fewer distractions. Unfortunately, every time P-3 loads a Fahrenheit candle into a chute, more techs will emerge to attack. Thankfully, they're easy enough to deal with — just be sure P-3 keeps his gun handy.


P-3 should grab the first candle from the damaged boiler and then head to the chute. Once the candle is in, it will slide to the other side and get stuck. P-3 will have to guide the ball with his telekinesis down the tube. The tube branches in different directions, each of which eventually leads to one of the overheating boilers. However, if the candle gets stuck, reposition P-3 either underneath the tube overhead or on the other side. Sometimes, this can help the Polymer Glove work a touch better and maneuver around tricky corners.