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Sons Of The Forest: Where To Find The Shovel

Like most survival games, "Sons of the Forest" doesn't hold the player's hand. As soon as the game boots up, players are thrown into an unforgiving open world and forced to figure everything out independently. The sparse tutorial system can confuse and disorient players during their first few hours — although this may change once the game comes out of early access.

After players chop down enough trees to build themselves a home base, they will need to start exploring the map to progress in the game. This means going into dark caves full of monsters and cannibal camps inhabited by creepy creatures. Exploring will award players with tools, consumables, and collectibles. Not only can some of these items help in combat, but some will uncover more about the game's story. For example, the Shovel is one of the most important and sought-after items in Sons of the Forest. The Shovel can be used to unearth hidden bunkers and even find treasure. Here's how to obtain the Shovel in "Sons of the Forest."

The Shovel is deep within a hard-to-reach cave

Players must first acquire the Rebreather and Rope Gun to access the cave housing the Shovel. The Rebreather allows players to traverse long stretches of sunken cave structures without coming up for air. Players can find the Rebreather in a cave on the Northwestern beach. The Rope Gun functions similarly to a grappling hook and can be found in a cave on the Western part of the island. Bringing plenty of weapons and ammo for this journey is also recommended, as hordes of enemies stand between the player and the Shovel.

Gamers can find the Shovel cave towards the middle of the map to the left of the snowcapped mountains. The cave housing the Shovel is adjacent to a pool of water with three dead bodies, so it's hard to miss. First, players must break open the cave entrance with the hatchet, then crawl through until reaching the rope line. Then players must use the Rop Gun to zoom across the cave to the other side. After landing, players will then need to equip the Rebreather, dive into the water, and follow the underwater passage.

Upon reaching the surface, players must fight a handful of enemies. Then, players can continue into the cave, fighting enemies and grabbing loot until reaching the end of the cave, where a group of enemies guards the Shovel. After grabbing the Shovel, players must trek back to the cave entrance to escape alive.