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Games Sony Desperately Needs To Make For PSVR 2

Virtual reality allows players to fully immerse themselves in games, providing endless possibilities for developers to expand and enrich this growing subset of the industry. The PSVR 2 already has amassed some promising titles since its February 20223 release, including "Horizon: Call of the Mountain," a spin-off on the popular open-world RPG that includes stunning and enveloping visuals and gameplay. The "Horizon" title was heavily promoted and bundled with the system at launch. Though the console didn't hit the preorder numbers Sony hoped for, the company has confirmed more developers are hard at work putting together games for the PSVR 2.


In addition to "Horizon: Call of the Mountain," some intriguing PSVR 2 titles out so far include "NFL Pro Era" and a fresh iteration of "Runner." That said, what's even more exciting than the confirmed possibilities are the unconfirmed possibilities. VR gaming is about letting the imagination run free, which inspired this selection of games Sony desperately needs to consider creating for the PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 needs a TLOU spin-off

"The Last of Us" has never been more popular than it is now thanks to the successful HBO series sharing Ellie and Joel's story with an even wider audience than the games had. As a bonus, the HBO title has plenty of Easter eggs harkening back to its source material. Given "TLOU" and "Horizon" titles share an action-adventure focus and fairly in-depth stories, on top of the fact that "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" has performed generally well with critics and fans, it seems likely a "TLOU" spin-off for the PSVR 2 would bring in an eager and engaged audience.


While the extended nature of "TLOU" entries would make them a bit overwhelming on the VR headset, a shorter spin-off could give players a taste of what they love about the series while allowing them to feel immersed in the postapocalyptic world of infected. Given the recent success of the "Left Behind" DLC's adaptation for HBO's "TLOU" show, it seems fans are hungry for the content they know and love — but with a fresh spin. Also, the zombies would be stunningly horrific in a lifelike VR iteration of "TLOU" on the PSVR 2.

A New Pokémon Snap port is a must for PSVR 2

From zombies to cute creatures, the possibilities on the PSVR 2 are as limitless as developers' imaginations. The 2021 release of "New Pokémon Snap" brought back to life a piece of the franchise that had been dormant since "Pokémon Snap" launched in 1999. It's also considered one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch. Though "New Pokémon Snap" is already a reimagining of a preexisting title, who's to say it can't be reimagined once again through the lens of virtual reality?


Photographing Pokémon would be even more exciting on the PSVR 2, as it would allow players to feel surrounded by the natural environment of the game alongside the pocket monsters they hope to capture on film. It would definitely add to the excitement of the scavenger hunt feel while drawing in a wide audience given the success of "New Pokémon Snap" and the franchise in general. Also, it'd probably be one of the easier "Pokémon" titles to port given its straightforward, VR-friendly format.

Immersive FIFA on PSVR 2 has to happen one way or another

"FIFA 23" may have been the final entry in the long-running soccer game franchise, but it shouldn't have to be. Fans love playing as real soccer stars, and the multiplayer possibilities make the game a hit for all kinds of get-togethers. The only thing that could make the game more realistic would be if players could get even closer to the experience somehow – enter the PSVR 2.


This possibility may be one of the most unlikely on the list, but a port would mean that "FIFA 23" would still be the final entry in the franchise while giving new life to it as it fizzles out. There's also the pipe dream that EA could work out its licensing deal and reignite the series for the next age of gaming, but players may not want to count their chickens on that. The low likelihood of a new (or even ported) "FIFA" title for VR somehow makes it even more desirable. As the PSVR 2 seeks to transform gaming, it'll be interesting to see how it continues to draw from beloved franchises and perhaps even fulfill fans' wildest dreams.