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Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Have Crossplay?

"Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" impressed critics with its blend of the classic "Dynasty Warriors" setting and Soulsborne mechanics. While opinions differ on the story, the general consensus is that Team Ninja nailed the combat and overall feel of the gameplay. For gamers looking to get into Soulsborne titles but who aren't quite ready for the full Soulsborne challenge and scale, "Wo Long" is a great gateway to the genre.


True to the Soulsborne style, "Wo Long" features online co-op so players can get help to take down the tougher monsters they encounter and generally cause havoc with a friend. While some may prefer to adventure alone, this feature will be vital to anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed by the experience. On top of the co-op, gamers can also invade and be invaded by rival players and engage in combat with one another. So, for those who want an even greater challenge, the multiplayer features can increase, rather than decrease the difficulty.

Of course, with "Wo Long" available on the PC and all the current and last-gen consoles, apart from the Nintendo Switch, some players may be wondering just who they can team up with. When playing cooperatively, does "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" feature crossplay for the various platforms?


Cross-generation but not cross-platform

At the time of writing, "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" does feature some crossplay but probably not of the type that many gamers are hoping for. For PlayStation fans, it's possible to play with friends across console generations and the same goes for those on different iterations of the Xbox. For players on different consoles, or console and PC, however, crossplay isn't possible.


This same limitation applies to the sharing of character appearance codes that let players bring a specific character design from one game to another. This sharing can be done from PS4 to PS5, from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S, and across PCs but not between any of these different options.

Team Ninja does not seem to explicitly specify that cross-platform play will never come to the game but the statement on the game's FAQ appears fairly definitive in laying out the crossplay options. So, fans shouldn't hold out hope for any changes in the future. This is likely to be a disappointment for gamers with friends across consoles but the option for cross-gen will, hopefully, soften the blow.