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Sons Of The Forest: How To Find And Use GPS Locators

Part of the thrill of exploring an open-world game is learning the ins and outs of the map, as well as getting extra gear, like the rope gun. While the peninsula of "Sons of the Forest" certainly isn't the largest map, it can be difficult to keep track of specific locations (or even people). That's where a GPS locator can truly come in handy. Players can tag their camp, an area with a particular resource, a cannibal camp they want to avoid, or give one of the locators to Virginia, so they know where she goes off to at any given point.


The trouble, then, is finding the locator and deciding what to use it on. Fortunately, there are a total of three GPS locators, giving players the chance to tag up to three different things. Of course, it would be too easy if they were all in the same spot. Instead, the player has to track each one down across the map.

Find the hanging body, the buried coffin, and the floating raft

Fortunately, all three of the GPS locators are relatively close together. Survivors can find them easily on their map, noted by purple dots, and by using their mobile GPS. These dots and beeps from the mobile device will lead players to members of their team who have all met untimely ends and certainly won't mind losing their locators. The locator that's closest to your camp is the one on the hanging body. Head towards the mountains marked on your map, cut down the body, then go find where he has fallen. 


Next, head north to find the grave that's marked with a cross and a scrap of red cloth. You'll need the shovel to be able to dig up the coffin and take the locator from the corpse inside. Now that the two easiest locators have been tackled, it's time to go for a swim with some sharks. 

Go to the western side of the peninsula and swim out into the bay. Players will be able to see the rigid inflatable boat, but be wary: There will likely be sharks jumping near the boat, so players will need to be ready to defend themselves. While survivors can try to fight the sharks in the water with a knife, the best course of action is to swim as fast as possible, climb into the boat, and then after looting it, shoot the sharks as they circle the liferaft. 


How to use the GPS locators

Thankfully, Kelvin comes with a tracker default, so players don't need to worry about wasting a tracker on him. Instead, they can focus on areas they want to note for further exploration (or to absolutely avoid), or on tracking the elusive Virginia, a potential six-limbed companion. While getting the tracker out of one's inventory is relatively straightforward, placing the darn little thing can be troublesome. 


One of the simplest ways to use the tracker is to place it on a reinforced stick. Set the stick in a vertical position, reinforced with a stone base, and then place the tracker on top. The player can then cycle through the various icons to find the best one for their map. 

To track a befriended Virginia, survivors simply need to open her inventory, put in the tracker, and voila. She'll always be a little dot on the map, which can be especially useful during battles.