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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open The Slytherin Door

"Hogwarts Legacy" is the biggest launch of all time for Warner Bros. Games, and it continues to engage fans with its massive world and cast of lovable characters. Critics and fans adored the title, for the most part, despite the continuing controversy surrounding "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling. While players are still waiting to hear about potential DLC, most are staying busy with the many sidequests the base game offers. However, some of its trickier puzzles can confound even the most astute Ravenclaw. Here's how to solve one such puzzle in the "In the Shadow of Study" quest.


The door to Salazar Slytherin's private chambers is part of Sebastian Sallow's storyline. Sebastian – and by extension the player character – wants to find Slytherin's spellbook, which has been lost to time, and taking a peek in his room seems like a good place to check. Opening the Slytherin door is part of the larger sidequest, but it's a tricky puzzle all on its own. The door's lock is an adorable coiled snake with glowing eyes that refuses to move for anyone except the witch or wizard who knows the secret of the puzzle. Here's how to unlock that door and make your way into the Slytherin Sanctum.

Three braziers must be lit

There are actually several snake-locked doors in the quest, but many of them are relatively easy to figure out. For the later, simpler snake puzzles, players can match the symbols on the base of the pedestal, but the first door follows a different logic.


After following Sebastian's prompts, players will eventually find themselves at the door to the Sanctum, puzzled about how to work the mysterious snake lock. This lock doesn't have the symbols subsequent ones do, but using Revelio on the area shows several unlit braziers. Two braziers are in the same hall, right next to each other, while another is tucked around a corner.

Players can use Incendio or Confringo to light the adjacent braziers quickly, then run around the corner to light the third. This does require swiftness from players, as the braziers will extinguish if too much time passes. After lighting all three braziers, the door will open.