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The Most Frustrating Mission In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

"Call of Duty" is known to squeeze in one or two uncharacteristically challenging missions into their campaigns. For example, the "Call of Duty 4" mission "Mile High Club" is notoriously difficult, forcing players to do battle in a cramped airplane. 2022's "Modern Warfare 2" is no exception to this rule, as it manages to pack in multiple rage-inducing missions of all shapes and sizes.  

For many gamers, a specific mission type can majorly affect their performance. While one player may excel at running and gunning through hordes of soldiers, they may struggle with remaining patient during a lengthy stealth mission, for example. And of course, these missions can be especially challenging for gamers that opt for a higher difficulty. Increasing the difficulty means tougher enemies and reduced availability of weapons and ammo, making just about any mission feel impossible. But there's one "Modern Warfare 2" mission in particular that pretty much all fans can agree is a struggle, no matter their skill level and expertise.

Alone is the most frustrating mission in the campaign

The fifteenth mission, "Alone," is easily the most frustrating section in "Modern Warfare 2." Taking place in Mexico after a bloody altercation with the locals, players take control of a wounded Soap as they make their way through the poorly lit streets of Las Almas in search of their comrade Ghost. With no backup and limited resources, players have to improvise in order to survive. This means plenty of sneaking around, using shadows and cover to avoid a full-out gunfight.

Because the mission takes place in dark or poorly-lit environments, players have often complained that it is difficult to see the surroundings and plan their movements effectively. The enemy AI here is also very smart and can notice the player hiding from far away. This mission also requires players to operate with limited resources, meaning they don't have much gear to keep them alive (or to take out enemies).

To get around the lack of firepower, players must toss bottles and other objects to distract guards and scoot by unnoticed. This can add an extra layer of challenge to the mission and force players to play a version of "Call of Duty" they may not have been expecting. Honing the techniques of Solid Snake from "Meal Gear Solid," rather than continually mowing down enemies, isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people may simply not be ready for it! Its departure from standard gameplay, coupled with its immense difficulty, makes "Alone" the most frustrating mission in "Modern Warfare 2."