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You Can Check How Much Money You've Spent In League Of Legends

"League of Legends" may not come with an upfront cost, but that doesn't mean players lack options for spending their money. The Riot Store allows them to purchase new Champions and unlock a variety of cosmetic items. Depending on the desired offering, players can either spend Blue Essence or RP (Riot Points). Blue Essence comes from leveling up, doing missions, opening Champion Capsules, or disenchanting Champion Shards. Meanwhile, users purchase RP from Riot with real-world money. In fact, Riot Games makes billions of dollars in revenue from "League of Legends" through these kinds of transactions every year.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with players choosing to use their money to buy something from the Riot Store. The developer releases new and interesting Champions all the time and many players enjoy seeing their favorite character in a cool, rare skin. Some users, however, might find themselves looking back after years of playing and wondering how much of their hard-earned cash has made its way into Riot's pockets. Well, it turns out players have a way to determine how much they've spent in "League of Legends."

Riot lets players view what they have spent on League of Legends

Those wondering how much money they've spent on skins and other bonus content in "League of Legends" need look no further than Riot Games' own website. Riot has actually created a utility built into a Support page under the "League" Guides & FAQ section which allows players to view how much of their bank account they've invested into their "League of Legends" account. The page has a login portal for those fans brave enough to face their own spending habits. Once they type in their username and password, the page generates a banner that reveals the total sum.

The results have shocked more than a few "LoL" players. Several have posted screenshots of their banners to Twitter and Reddit, with many sharing their surprise at discovering that they've spent thousands of dollars on the title. Some have viewed this as a sobering revelation while others have argued that the money they put into the game was worth the hours of enjoyment they got out of it.

The results should be fairly accurate, given that they're being distributed by Riot Games itself. The site does note, however, that it only applies to the player's current region and that purchases made elsewhere might not be reflected in the given total. So, individuals who have moved or made purchases in other regions may have actually spent more than their banner suggests.