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Obey Omnis E-GT: Why GTA Online Players Need To Buy This Car

While fast travel now may be an option, one of the big perks of "GTA Online" is its cars. Anyone who regularly plays "Grand Theft Auto Online" likely knows that an Obey is a luxury German manufacturer, a tasteful nod to Audi, with the Omnis e-GT based on Audi's e-Tron GT quattro. While the Omnis e-GT certainly isn't the fastest model out there, and the acceleration may not be what players expect from an electric, it packs a punch in other ways. It has an undeniably sleek design, a smooth front grille with detail, arches angled up to emphasize speed, with stylish exit vents on the front fenders. Nominally, it can reach 60 MPH in a few seconds, but it maxes out at just over 111 MPH. Because it's electric, players won't get that sweet hum of a gasoline or diesel engine, but it more than makes up for it in visual appeal and weight: Players looking to pummel their way through traffic will have an easier time in the e-GT than other electric models, like the Neon.


For only $1,795,000, it's also not a bad price point for a legendary. The best part of the Obey Omnis e-GT? It's incredibly customizable and is Imani tech compatible. 

Looks, add-ons — it's got it all

No one can deny that the Omnis e-GT is a beautiful masterpiece of a vehicle. The angled lines, attractive vents, and even the details on the grilles all add up to one gorgeous car that anyone would be proud to flaunt. However, this bad boy packs more than just good looks under its bonnet — pun intended. Aesthetic upgrades aside, players can improve the model in all sorts of ways. They can add a Remote Control Unit, which allows for remote driving, as the name suggests. Players can add armor plating, resisting up to 11 missiles or 29 Heavy Sniper MK II Explosive rounds. However, it's good to bear in mind that if the Remote Control Unit is added, players won't be able to take advantage of the best upgrade of all: The Imani tech upgrade, which allows for a Missile Lock-on Jammer, making it impossible for combatants to lock onto the electric vehicle. One can also add the Slick Proximity Mines as a means of some basic self-defense, but really nothing compares to the jamming abilities.


For anyone looking to cruise silently in style with the added benefit of being untrackable to missiles, the Omnis e-GT is a must. With more weight than the average electric vehicle, it's the perfect car to sneak up on opponents or pummel through a barrage of traffic.