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The Best HCR 56 Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0

Assault rifles may be the reliable workhorses of "Call of Duty" games but light machine guns still have their place in combat. They may be a bit heavier and slower to move around but their superior range and stability make up for it. An LMG is a good choice for any operator who wants longer-range firepower and the HCR 56 is a great option among this class of weapons.


Much like the STB 556, which it shares a receiver with, the HCR 56 stands out for its speed and mobility compared to other weapons of the same type. This allows it to strike a good balance between other LMGs and traditional assault rifles. With the right loadout, this weapon can be turned into an excellent long-range gun that still doesn't slow a player down too much. A good build, therefore, should be focused on balance and playing to the HCR 56's strengths.


For attachments, players should start with a 24.4" Bruen S-620 barrel. This will improve ADS and movement speed in exchange for some minor reductions to bullet velocity, recoil control, damage range, and hip fire accuracy. As this isn't a weapon often fired from the hip and already has great damage and velocity, this tradeoff is well worth it. This should be followed up with an FTac C11 Riser comb and a Bruen Q900 grip for even more ADS and some sprint-to-fire speed.


Next, the standard ammo should be exchanged for 5.56 armor-piercing rounds. These rounds will be great in "Warzone 2.0" for punching through armor and against any enemies in light cover.

Finally, operators should add an optic of their choice. This is mostly a matter of personal preference but, given the range of the HCR 56, it's worth considering a scope with moderate zoom. Anything with a 5x to 6x zoom is a solid choice here.

This set of attachments will produce an LMG that's faster to aim and fire than almost anything else in its class without sacrificing too much power or range.


An operator carrying an LMG will want to be in the thick of the action so they should take perks that will keep them going during heavy firefights.

For base perks, players should select Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad. Together, these perks will make them much more resistant to both tactical grenades and explosives. Now they'll be able to keep fighting even as the enemy is hurling equipment at them.


For a bonus perk, Fast Hands is a good choice to further improve the speed of the HCR 56. This perk will allow for quicker reloading and weapon swapping, preventing players from getting caught between ammo drums during combat.

Finally, operators should take Quick Fix as an ultimate perk. This will speed up health regeneration after kills and while holding objectives. For a soldier anticipating being at the center of the battle, this is a great perk and will increase their survivability in combat.


When it comes to equipment, it will pay to take a mix of offensive and defensive supplies into the field. For lethal equipment, a molotov cocktail is a great option for doing damage and forcing enemies out of cover and into the open so they can be taken out quickly. Meanwhile, a stun grenade will be good for slowing down enemies that try to rush an operator and get too close for comfort.


Finally, a Trophy System will make for a solid field upgrade. Tossing this down while in cover will protect against thrown equipment and allow an operator to focus on firing downrange rather than dodging too many grenades.

Put together, this loadout will support a strategy of moving quickly to get into a defensive position and then attacking from a distance. Players who want the best of both assault rifles and LMGs should give this setup a try.