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The Best STB 556 Loadout For Warzone 2.0

Assault rifles are consistently a popular choice of weapon in "Call of Duty" games. They balance range, accuracy, and stability to make for a reliable option for any operator who wants to be prepared for any situation. They also excel at both medium and long-range which is perfect for "Warzone 2.0" and "Modern Warfare 2" as the meta currently favors longer-range combat. Among this class of weapons, the STB 556 stands out as one of the best options to take into battle.


While not generally considered the absolute best assault rifle in "Warzone 2.0," the STB 556 still shines thanks to its superb base stats which prioritize range, damage, and accuracy. This makes it an excellent selection for players who want to focus on fighting at long range without making the switch to a marksman or sniper rifle. With the correct loadout and build, an operator wielding an STB 556 can become a deadly sniper hybrid, striking from long range while still being capable of dealing with enemies that get up closer. Of course, this requires careful planning and the right modifications.


A good build for the STB 56 begins with the right attachments and these should take advantage of the rifle's status ability to engage at long range without sacrificing too much speed.

To start, players should add a Harbinger D20 muzzle and a 24.4" Bruen S-620 barrel. Both attachments will increase the damage and range of the weapon, enhancing its core strengths. Further, the Harbinger D20 will silence the rifle, making stealth sniping a possibility. Next, the STB 56 should get a 42-round magazine. The STB 56 may not fire as fast as some other assault rifles but it can still burn through ammo quickly so an extended magazine will be a big help in longer firefights. 


With all these attachments, movement speed and ADS will be reduced slightly so operators should add an attachment to offset this issue and keep some speed to their build. Here, a Bruen Q900 rear grip is advisable for its boosts to ADS and sprint-to-fire speed.

Finally, operators should add an optic of their choice. A scope with a decent amount of magnification, like the VLK 4.0 optic, is worth considering to take advantage of the rifle's extended range. Another option to consider is an optic that toggles between a magnified scope and a regular sight, like the DR582 Hybrid sight so one is prepared for both long and medium-range battles. Ultimately, every player should go with what they're most comfortable with.



With the STB 56 properly modified, the next step is to select perks to go with it. Again, an operator should look to support a long-range strategy.

For base perks, players should go with Double Time and Tracker. The first will allow for faster movement, making up for some of the speed sacrificed by attachments and further supporting a hybrid sniper playstyle. Meanwhile, the second perk will allow the player to see the footprints of enemies, making it easier to find and ambush them from hiding.


For a bonus perk, Focus is a great choice as it improves aim while looking down a scope. This will make for an even more accurate weapon. Finally, players should take Ghost for an ultimate perk. This will render them invisible to UAVs, supporting stealth which is vital for any sniper.

Combined, these perks will make for a speedy and stealthy build that will pair perfectly with the STB 56. 


After choosing perks, a player will need to add equipment to their loadout. Here, there are a couple of ways to go.

Players that want to stay on the move, continually changing position should go with a frag grenade and a flash grenade for dealing with enemies that get too close. For a field upgrade, they should go with Dead Silence to keep their steps quiet while running to their next sniping position.


For those looking to take a slower and more cautious approach, a proximity mine and snapshot grenade are best. Operators should place their mine to cover their backs while they're focused downrange and use the grenade to find enemies behind cover. For a field upgrade, a Trophy System will be an excellent complement to guard against enemy grenades hurled at their position.

Whichever way they go, this should make for a great loadout for any player that wants to fight at range while maintaining the versatility of an assault rifle.