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The Best Basilisk Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0

Handguns tend to be an afterthought in "Call of Duty" games. With so many great assault rifles, SMGs, and even melee weapons to choose from, handguns may seem a bit boring. It would be a mistake, however, for operators to overlook them in combat. Whether they're carrying one as a backup weapon, or they're using it as a primary, handguns can be just as deadly as anything else in "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0." Among these simple but effective guns, the Basilisk stands out as a powerful and intimidating option.


A large revolver sporting high-caliber ammo, it looks like something Dirty Harry would carry, and it feels like it when a player pulls the trigger. While it's slow to fire, and the recoil is significant, it's one of the most powerful handguns available and can take down an opponent at even medium range with just one or two well-placed shots.

For operators who want to try something new or just want to have a reliable sidearm, the right Basilisk build and loadout can be a great addition to one's arsenal.


The Basilisk is quick to aim down the sights and line up a shot — and also has plenty of stopping power. On the other hand, it's slow to fire, has a lot of kick, and only holds five rounds. A good loadout should play to the weapon's strengths and make sure that every shot counts.


To start, an operator should add a Basilisk HT-7 trigger action and a 6.75" Corvus Cougar 500 barrel. These will improve ADS, movement, and sprint-to-fire speed, allowing a player to get on target faster. While these will damage fire rate and recoil, this weapon is designed for taking out a foe in one or two shots, so quick firing isn't necessary.

Next, the Basilisk should get .500 Snakeshot ammo. This will increase the damage radius of the weapon as it becomes more like a shotgun. It will harm the range and velocity of the gun, but, as it's made for close-quarters combat, this isn't a great concern. For improved hip firing accuracy, players should add a Basilisk Grip laser. It won't be uncommon for an operator to turn a corner and have to get off a quick shot from the hip, and this laser will help with those scenarios.


Finally, players looking to make the Basilisk their primary weapon will want to go with the Akimbo option in the rear grip category to dual-wield the pistols. Meanwhile, those who want it as a backup in emergencies should go with the SO RO-99 grip to further improve ADS and make it faster to draw.


Operators carrying the Basilisk as a secondary weapon will likely want to gear their perks and equipment towards supporting their primary weapon strategy. Those using the akimbo Basilisks as their primary weapon, however, will want to go with perks that support a fast, run-and-gun strategy.


For base perks, players should take Double Time and Tracker. Being able to move faster and sprint longer as well as seeing enemy footprints will be vital for getting in close to the foe as fast as possible to take them out at close range. To further emphasize speed, Fast Hands should be taken as a bonus perk. Slow reloading is one of the weaknesses of the Basilisk, and this perk will offset it. Finally, Birdseye will be great as an ultimate perk for the extra radar pings when the enemy calls for a UAV and for the directional markers it provides.

These perks will allow a Basilisk wielder to zip around the battlefield, taking down enemies before they have a chance to respond.


The last part of a good loadout is picking equipment. Again, it's important to consider the strengths of the Basilisk and the playstyle it's suited to. 

Here, an operator should go with a molotov cocktail for lethal and a flash grenade for tactical. The Molotov will be great for flushing enemies out of hiding, which will be important as the Basilisk won't penetrate cover very well. Meanwhile, the flash grenade will serve to blind enemies, so the player can get in close to take them out.


Lastly, players should take a munitions box for a field upgrade. The Basilisk comes with very limited ammo and carrying around a handy refill will be vital to ensure one can stay in the fight as long as possible.

Players may tend to focus on the bigger and flashier guns, but — with this build — the Basilisk can be an effective weapon and worth taking into combat.