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How The Birdseye Perk Works In Warzone 2.0

There's a lot a gamer needs to figure out to become competitive in "Warzone 2.0." From weapon selection and equipment to map layout and game modes, it can be positively overwhelming for new players to keep track of everything. Even grizzled veterans of the "Call of Duty" series can get mixed up from time to time and need a refresher on certain game mechanics. One thing that has been known to confuse players is the Birdseye perk.


Since the new edition of "Warzone" launched, Birdseye has quickly come to be regarded by many as the most overpowered perk in the game so operators are eager to understand just how it works. Whether you plan on using it yourself or just want to know what an opponent may throw at you, knowledge is definitely power.

The challenge is that perks in "Warzone 2.0" can be somewhat complicated to begin with and the Birdseye perk is particularly confusing. Still, it's well worth it to know this perk and its potential benefits.

See enemy directions and get bonus UAVs

As Prima Games explains, the core benefit of the Birdseye perk is that, when enemies are revealed on your minimap from UAVs or other sources, you will be able to see their direction. This may not seem like a big deal to newcomers. Anyone who's had a tense encounter with an enemy they know is right behind a closed door, however, understands how valuable it can be to know which way an opponent is facing. This isn't all the perk offers either.


On top of showing enemy directions, the perk also allows an operator to benefit from UAVs called by others. Whenever a player calls in a UAV, anyone with the Birdseye perk will get a few blips, complete with directional info, on their own map. This can provide a big, ongoing boost throughout a match.

Players considering using this perk should still be aware of a couple points going in. As perk packages can't be edited, an operator will need to select a package that already has the perk and, at present, only the Recon package comes with Birdseye (per Dexerto). Further, Birdseye is an ultimate perk which means a player will need to get their loadout during a match and then wait eight minutes for it to activate.


Given the benefits of the perk, it's worth considering and experimenting with so players will want to equip the Recon package and give it a shot.