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Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her Is Facing Their Wildest Challenge Yet

In the first few months after "Elden Ring" came out, a ton of players got stuck on an optional boss found in a secret area behind a secret area near the end of the game. This was no normal optional boss, though — this was, of course, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who has never known defeat. Indeed, she regularly proved too much of a challenge for one mere Tarnished to face. A full party of Tarnished could barely beat her to the second phase. One player, aptly named Let Me Solo Her, took it upon themselves to learn her boss fight in and out, and become so good at the fight that he could solo her, one on one — all while wearing nothing but a pot on his head and wielding two katanas.

Let Me Solo Her's summon sign was regularly seen outside Malenia's chamber, but even after hundreds and hundreds of kills, they apparently have yet to truly prove their skill. After all this time preparing, the legendary Let Me Solo Her will face their ultimate challenge: a run of "Elden Ring" where every enemy is replaced by Malenia.

Malenia is arguably the game's hardest boss by far, thanks to the power of the Rot status effect, her Waterfowl Dance, and the fact that she constantly heals with each hit. Unperturbed, Let Me Solo Her plans to take on the Goddesses of Rot at 4 p.m. EST on March 17 on their YouTube channel.

Let Me Solo Her, thy strength truly befits a crown

The "Elden Ring" modding community has really taken off in the last few months as larger projects like the "Elden Ring Randomizer" are finally released. But there's no way to mod "Elden Ring" and stay connected to FromSoftware's servers without being banned, so we aren't likely to see Let Me Solo Her get summoned or engage in multiplayer. Let Me Solo Her could theoretically use the Seamless Co-op mod to subvert the anti-cheat systems, but summoning might go against the ideals of this most fearsome player. Instead, we can likely expect Let Me Solo Her to go at this alone.

There's a lot of variety to beating "Elden Ring" — it's actually possible to beat the game without dealing any damage, with an overencumbered equipment load, or without leveling up at all. But all of these runs have unique challenges — how does a pacifist player beat a boss where Spirit Summons can't do much? How does an overencumbered player jump over ledges in dungeons? How on earth is anyone good enough to beat "Elden Ring" at level 1? One challenge that Let Me Solo Her may encounter are groups of enemies all turning into Malenia, and there are a lot of enemy clusters in the Lands Between. But if there's anyone that can become Elden Lord under such duress, it's Let Me Solo Her.