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Diablo 4 Beta: World Boss Ashava Spawn Times And Level Requirement

The first beta weekend for "Diablo 4" is here. Players can dive into the beta by preordering the game and play until March 20 at 12 p.m. PDT. And although progress won't transfer to the full game, players are rewarded for participating.


There's much to do in the "Diablo 4" Beta, but one of the most challenging tasks is defeating the world boss included in the test, Ashava the Pestilent. This massive demon can be found at Fractured Peaks and requires a large crew to take down, but the beast isn't just sitting there waiting for players to show up.

Ashava the Pestilent only spawns at certain times on Saturday, March 18, and March 25. Players should make sure they are high enough level to take down the fearsome demon, as they may not get another chance. Here's what level players need to be to fight Ashava the Pestilent and when they spawn.

Ashava the Pestilent spawns three times during each beta weekend

Ashava the Pestilent only spawns on one day of each beta period. On Saturday, March 18, players can fight the world boss at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 10 p.m., and midnight PDT. Ashava the Pestilent will return for the open beta on March 25 with the same spawn timer. Because this massive demon can't be defeated solo, players must recruit friends or other players to aid them. And those that take on Ashava the Pestilent must be high enough level to not die in one hit and be equipped with powerful gear to dish out noticeable damage.


Because Ashava the Pestilent is a level 19 boss, it is recommended that players are at least at the same level as the beast. However, for best results, players should aim to hit the beta's max level of 25. However, this may be hard, as players don't have much time to level before the world boss spawns on the second day of the beta. It's also important to have max-level gear, as levels are just one of the ways to level up a "Diablo 4" character.

But just showing up and mindlessly attacking Ashava the Pestilent won't work. Instead, players will need to dodge the beast's attacks and avoid toxic AOEs if they want to make it away alive. Still, it's worth taking on Ashava the Pestilent, as it awards players with rare loot when defeated.