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Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest: How To Complete The Side Mission

The very easy-to-miss Well, Well, Well quest in "Hogwarts Legacy" involves a sentient stone water well giving the player a map and sending them off in search of treasure. This will have players flying all over the place if they don't know where to look, however. One of the best things in "Hogwarts Legacy" is the incredible open world that Avalanche Software has created surrounding the infamous school of witchcraft and wizardry — though this can also be a source of frustration for some players. It's all too easy for them to get lost or simply overlook an objective and find themselves spending hours that should be spent solving mysteries and developing their magical abilities treading the same ground over and over. This is because the region surrounding the school is absolutely massive and often lacks notable landmarks to help players figure out where they're supposed to be looking. It can make finding a single quest objective feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.


The treasure's location in the Well, Well, Well is particularly difficult to find following the game's clues as it doesn't give them a ton of information to go on, making it one of the game's more annoying sidequests. That said, it's quite easy to get if you already know where to look. Here's how to start the quest and where to find the well's hidden treasure.

The well is located southeast of the school

In order to begin the quest, players will first have to travel to the South Hogwarts Region and then head just southeast of Aranshire. Looking at the map, players will be able to find a small valley along the mountain range beside Aranshire. The starting point for Well, Well, Well is located right at the mouth of this valley. There will be a stone well with two wooden benches beside it and the ruined remains of a stone wall encircling one side.


The player will then be prompted to speak with the magic well when they approach. It will tell them that it has a piece of parchment caught in its 'throat' that "some wretch" threw in. Players can then interact with the well a second time in order to retrieve the parchment and get their first and only clue about the treasure's location. This is actually a sketched treasure map, instructing players to travel across a bridge from a ruined castle to a tree surrounded by ruined stone walls.

The problem is that there is no shortage of structures like this, and it can take a long time to search through every abandoned structure in the game. The ruin players want to find is all the way down in the Feldcroft Region.


The treasure is located southwest of Irondale

The castle players are looking for is right along the coast, and there are no other nearby structures, so it should be pretty hard to miss if you know where to look. Players will want to fast travel to the hamlet of Irondale, which is on the southernmost border of the map within the Feldcroft Region. From here they will need to mount their broom and then fly over the gorge heading directly southwest. This should quickly lead them to the castle ruins built on the cliffside that were illustrated in the map that they received from the magic well. Players will also see a bridge leading to the ruins encircling the tree.


Now that they've reached their destination, the player should land their broom near the tree and then cast the Wingardium Leviosa spell on it. This will levitate the tree up into the air, revealing a chest that was hidden underneath it that is now entwined within its roots. Players who open the chest will be rewarded with 400 gold and the Treasure Seeker's Bicorne Hat and the Well, Well, Well quest will be marked complete.