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The Hogwarts Legacy Side Quest That's Super Easy To Miss

From the Man Behind the Moons to the Ghost of Our Love, there are plenty of "Hogwarts Legacy" side missions that players won't want to miss. Unfortunately, there are some side missions that won't pop up on the map until students stumble upon them. That means that certain out-of-the-way quests are likely to be ignored, including the one titled "Well, Well, Well." While not necessary for the overall experience of the game, for any witch or wizard who wants to get that sweet 100% achievement, or even just one who is looking for some extra loot or playtime, it's an important experience. It isn't a challenging quest at all — it just takes some hefty exploration to find.


For industrious players who want to unearth — literally — some treasure, they'll need to direct their character to the southeast of Aranshire. There, they'll have to find some ruins nestled in the cliffs (as ruins are oft wont to be). Within the ruins themselves lies a well that actually calls out to the player. Known as the "Magic Well," it will gift the student a map that leads to actual buried treasure. 

Well, Well, Well takes players — well— to a well

It may seem odd to approach — and speak to — a talking well, but in a world of magic, that's just called Tuesday. The Magic Well will ask for help — coughing and clearing its throat, for lack of a better word — removing a bit of parchment that some miscreant no doubt tossed down the well. Once the map has been retrieved, it leads the student to yet another set of cliffside ruins, this time with a large tree in a courtyard of sorts. To get there, head southwest of Irondale and search the big crevasse in Feldcroft. Once the tree has been located, simply pull it up, roots and all, with Levioso. The tree will lift, and tangled in those roots will be a chest that gives 400 Galleons and a special treasure-seeker's bicorne hat. Still having trouble locating the tree? Revelio can help show its position on the map.


Both spots on the map can be tricky to find, so any witches or wizards who are lost may want to consult a video walkthrough, just to make sure they don't miss out.