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Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find All The Hedge Mazes And Why It's Worth It

There are a tremendous number of collectibles waiting to be discovered in "Hogwarts Legacy," but one of the more challenging to track down is probably the hedge mazes. There are only a handful of these topiary puzzles hidden throughout the game, but they can be incredibly difficult to find as they are scattered across the sprawling grounds surrounding the infamous school of witchcraft and wizardry. One of the best things about "Hogwarts Legacy" is the amazing open world that Avalanche Software has created. Solving the mysteries of the goblin rebellion is all well and good, but a major part of the game's allure is getting to explore Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. This can also be a source of frustration, however, when players find themselves scouring the game's massive map looking for collectibles.


Still, it's worth looking for the mazes as players will receive a legendary chest as the reward for discovering and solving each of them. Players will also need to track them all down if they want any hope of receiving the trophy for completing 100% of the game. The mazes are particularly difficult to find, however, since the hedge walls themselves are concealed until the player walks through the archways that mark their entrance, triggering the maze to magically sprout to life. Here's where to find all of the hedge mazes in "Hogwarts Legacy."

Hedge maze locations

There are five hedge mazes in total.

  • The first hedge maze is located in the Hogsmeade Valley region. Players should start in Upper Hogsfield, and then follow the path southeast until they hit the river, then turn left. The archway to the maze should be located right along the river, just south of the fork.

  • The second hedge maze can be found at the southernmost point of the South Hogwarts region. Players should start in Lower Hogsfield and then use their broom to travel over the first cliff face to the southwest, and then continue south until they reach the archway. They'll have gone too far if they reach the castle.

  • The third hedge maze is in the eastern part of the Poidsear Coast region. Starting from the Phoenix Mountain Cave, players should head mostly south and ever-so-slightly west. The archway should be located on the hill between the cliff face and the trees displayed on the map.

  • The fourth hedge maze is located in the South Sea Bog. Luckily this is one of the smaller regions, making this one easier to find than most. Start from the Northern South Sea Bog flu flame and head directly south. The archway should be located right near the center of the bog.

  • The fifth hedge maze can be found in the southeastern corner of the Cragcroftshire region. It's located on the small rise of land south of Cragcroft that is tucked between the ocean and the higher cliffs.

Beware of missing archways and unopenable chests

As if tracking all these mazes down wasn't difficult enough, some players have found that the archways won't always be there when the player arrives. Just as frustrating, some have also found that walking through the archways won't always cause the mazes to appear. It's possible that this is a mechanic that was built into the game to illustrate the magical nature of these mazes, but it seems more likely to be a glitch. Players can always try to leave these uncooperative mazes and come back later, but some people have reported that saving and loading back into the game can make them appear.


Likewise, several players have claimed that they have found and solved the mazes, only to discover that the chests that were supposed to contain their rewards were missing or that they simply would not open. Similar to the problem with the mazes not appearing, many users have found that saving and reloading the game makes the chests functional, but others have sadly had no such luck. Hopefully, Avalanche Software will be able to work some magic of its own in order to fix this problem in a future update.