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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Learn Accio

While it may only have a 25% completion rate, "Hogwarts Legacy" offers fans of the Wizarding World an immersive experience, and the chance to live the life of a new student at Hogwarts. Included in this experience is the opportunity to learn lots of different spells for use in many different situations. Among this list of spells, and one of the most useful over the course of the game, is Accio.

The summoning spell that draws objects, and opponents, towards the caster, Accio is a great combat spell. It breaks yellow shields, pulls enemies in close, and temporarily disables them. On top of that, it also has lots of non-combat uses, like summoning collectibles and being used to solve many puzzles over the course of the game. This makes it a spell deserving of a spot in the best spell loadouts, and one that players should work to learn early in the game.

While Accio will inevitably be unlocked as players progress through the game, it is possible to miss it for a time, and players can earn it earlier if they know which quest path to pursue. Given its usefulness, Hogwarts students should definitely take this path and learn Accio as soon as possible. Fortunately, it's not too difficult and involves a fun little minigame in Charms Class.

Learn Accio in Charms Class

When they finally get to Hogwarts and begin their time as a student, a player will be able to start attending classes. As soon as they can, witches and wizards should head to Defense Against the Dark Arts and learn Levioso, another quite useful spell, from Professor Hecat. Once they've mastered this basic spell, they'll unlock the option to attend Charms. At this point, students should head there as soon as possible.

In Charms, Professor Ronen will instruct them in the basics of Charms and teach the Accio spell, complete with the standard wand-waving minigame. After this, students will be taken outside to practice Accio by playing Summoner's Court.

This game involves using Accio to pull balls into different scoring areas and knocking your opponents out of those same areas when possible. This game, which will become playable more later, is a simple but amusing diversion, and students will be paired up with their new friend, Natty, for their first two matches. They need not worry about winning as the game is just for bragging rights. Win or lose, the players will leave Charms class with the Accio spell ready for use. They should immediately add it to their loadout and start summoning.