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Dead Space Remake: How To Find The Report On The Bridge

One element of the "Dead Space" remake that won it praise from critics and that it does better than the original is the addition of new side quests. Among these quests is the long, but very rewarding, Premeditated Malpractice quest, which tasks players with, among other things, finding Nicole's report on the bridge. Finding this report is the part of the quest that players are most likely to get stuck on, but that doesn't mean they should choose to abandon it.


Finding the report brings players one step closer to completing the quest and earning the Prototype Stasis Module, which is well worth the effort and will be incredibly helpful for completing New Game Plus. Finding it also gives players a chance to get more backstory and learn more about the Ishimura and what happened before Issac arrived to discover the carnage. 

Given the rewards being offered, players will want to push through and find the elusive report, despite the limited information the game provides. While it may not be easy to intuit where to go or what to look for, it's simple once a player knows what they need.

Look for the terminal on the bridge atrium

Once they've received the Premeditated Malpractice quest in Chapter 5, players will be tasked with traveling around the Ishimura to gather various pieces of information, uncovering data, and scanning tissue samples. After a long tour of the ship, this will eventually take them to the bridge in order to obtain Nicole's report which is hidden there. Unfortunately, no marker is provided to show exactly where this report is and it's not even clear what the report is stored on or in. On the other hand, it's not really hidden either.


Players simply need to head to the bridge and go to the main atrium. From there, they should head to the upper right corner of the map and look for a computer terminal. Interacting with it will download the report, wrapping up that part of the quest and bringing Isaac one step closer to the Prototype Stasis Module.

For those unsure of exactly where to go or what the terminal looks like, Guides Gamepressure provides a quick walkthrough that shows where to go when entering the main atrium from the top right of the map. Most, however, shouldn't have much of an issue, and the report will be in hand in a matter of moments.