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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete Charles Rookwood's Trial

All players will run into Charles Rockwood's Trial during their playthrough of "Hogwarts Legacy." But this trial is not as easy as some others in the game, such as the Merlin Trial. Instead, Charles Rockwood's Trial challenges the player with three intricate puzzles. Some of the puzzles will make the player feel like they could be playing as Chell instead of a Wizard, as they'll need to utilize a new portal mechanic that can be confusing at first glance.


And at the end of the trial, a fearsome boss awaits that could destroy the player if they are not careful. Nevertheless, the reward for completing Charles Rockwood's Trial makes the journey worth it. And this quest should be completed as soon as the player unlocks it, as it is a prerequisite for gaining access to breeding pens. Here's how to get through Charles Rockwood's Trial puzzles and defeat the final boss.

The first puzzle

The first puzzle is straightforward, as it exists to help players wrap their heads around the newly introduced portal archway mechanic. To begin the puzzle, players first must run to the Northwest side of the room and interact with the magic puddle on the ground. To grab the room's loot, players must first float the block under the ledge in the Southwest corner and move it to a different location. Then, go through the red side of the portal, transforming the block into a chest that can be opened for loot.


To complete the puzzle, players must reset the room by going through the portal's blue side and then moving the stone with the white pillar outline to a spot in front of the ledge. After the stone is in place, players must run back through the red portal and climb onto the stone that has now turned into a pillar, providing a way out of the room.

The second puzzle

The next puzzle introduces players to the rotating platform mechanic. After walking over the moving bride and stopping in the middle, players can turn East and hit the magical round button on the wall with a spell. This will extend a bridge players can run across to snag a chest. They must then interact with the magic on the ground Northwest of the room's archway.


After the puzzle has been started, players can run through the blue backside of the archway to grab another chest. To the East, there is also a crate behind a gate. Players can grab it with Leviosa and float it to a location the player can get to and return to it once going through the portal, and it transforms into a chest. 

The next step is to smack the magic button behind the archway to move the platform. Then, run South through the archway and pull the crate blocking the South passageway through the archway. After the blocks have been moved, hit the button one final time to gain access to the passageway to continue with the trial.

The third puzzle

Like the previous puzzles, the player must first interact with the magical substance on the ground to alter the room. Then, immediately fire a bolt of magic through the archway onto the magic button, shifting the orientation of the archway's platform. Then players can run behind the space behind the archway's original location to snag another chest.


After the loot has been acquired, players must run west through the archway. On the other side, players can hit the magic button again to shift the platform back to its original position. With the path now clear, continue to the second part of the puzzle.

A Pensieve Protector will awaken on the East wall in the next room. After the Protector has been defeated, an invisible Protector will spawn on the southern wall. Players must go through the blue side of the archway to reveal the enemy and gain the ability to attack it.

After the Protector has been dealt with, hit the button on the wall and go West through the portal, pick up the block, and then pull it through the portal. Then, players must place the block on the ledge behind the archway. After climbing on the block to reach the top, players must hit the button on the wall to swing the structure around, revealing a path ahead.


The boss fight

Upon making it to the end of the trial, players are faced with the room full of Pensieve Sentries and another archway. Like in the previous puzzle, players must go through the archway to make the enemies visible. The trick for this part is to stay agile and not let the enemies group up and overrun the player character.


After the group of enemies is defeated, a final massive Pensieve Guardian spawns. The boss is not particularly hard, as it is slow-moving and has easily dodgeable spells. The most damaging attack is the wind explosion that players must back out of when they see the wind effect swarm the boss. 

Some recommended spells include Incendio to deal damage at close range and Diffindo to damage the enemy when the player is at a distance. After the boss is defeated, a bridge will appear, leading the player to the exit of Charles Rockwood's Trial.