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Resident Evil 4 Remake Finally Reveals If You Can Save The Dog

Leon's encounter with the adorable, friendly dog in "Resident Evil 4" was memorable for many players. So, naturally, when a dog that looked strikingly similar to Leon's fur friend appeared dead in some of the promotional footage of the remake, fans panicked. But as it turns out, that footage was more of a red herring than a hint at what was to come.


Gamers will be pleased to learn that everyone's favorite "Resident Evil" dog is in the "Resident Evil 4" remake. Players can find the dog in an identical predicament to the one players are introduced to in the first game, with the dog's leg stuck in a bear trap — and anyone with a heart will rescue the dog. As a reward, the newly befriended dog will return in a later chapter to aid the player in a boss fight. But not everything about the encounter is identical to the one in the original.

Players can save the dog

During Chapter 3 of the remake, a dog can be heard whimpering nearby when walking past the Village Chef's Manor. If a player follows the sound to the area outside the manor, they will come across the very same dog from the original game with its leg trapped in a bear trap. Players can then interact with the bear trap to release the dog.  


After the rescue, the two exchange looks briefly before the dog runs into the woods as Leon says, "Take care of yourself, buddy." This is something he did not say in the first game, and it does a good job of strengthening their bond in the remake. Fans of the original will also notice that the dog's location differs from the original, where they are found in Chapter 1.

Like in the original game, if the player rescues the dog from the bear trap, it will come back to aid the player during their fight with one of the best bosses in the series, El Gigante, during Chapter 4. The dog does a great job of distracting the giant beast, giving the player time to breathe. After the fight, players can check in with the dog by the quarry wall, where Leon thanks it for its help.


Unfortunately for animal lovers, the courageous animal is not seen again after the boss fight. Still, it's nice to know it didn't die in the bear trap, as many believed.