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How To Survive Diablo 4's Overpowered Butcher

The "Diablo 4" beta has given fans and critics an early taste of what's to come and also revealed the return of an old nemesis. The Butcher is back and more terrifying than ever with more than a few players concluding he's outright overpowered this time around. What's more, his location is no longer set, so there's no way to avoid him. This means, sooner or later, adventurers will have to survive an encounter with the Butcher, and it will pay to be prepared.


Appearing in the original "Diablo," the Butcher is the first boss most players encountered in the game, and his terrifying introduction became an iconic, and often parodied, part of the series. Since then, he's appeared in "Diablo 3" and "Diablo Immortal." Now, in "Diablo 4," he's tougher than ever, and his ability to appear suddenly and at random will be sure to evoke the horror players felt the first time they met him.

The Butcher will suddenly appear in dungeons to ambush players as they're exploring, forcing them to adapt to the situation and fight or flee. Whichever strategy they choose, gamers will need some luck, lots of skill, and a good plan.

If encountered early in a playthrough... run

Sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor, and players shouldn't feel any shame in running. This is especially true if they're adventuring alone or just aren't leveled up and armed for a tough fight. Fortunately, they just have to run and survive for a short time to come out alive against the Butcher.


The Butcher exists on a timer and will disappear before too long, so players just need to run until that happens. If at all possible, a fleeing adventurer should retrace the path they came to minimize the chance they get lost and cornered in a dead end. Going back the way they came also means the way will, hopefully, be clear of other foes getting in the way.

Whenever possible, players should also use corners, pillars, and other obstacles to break the line of sight to the Butcher as well. It won't stop the Butcher from continuing to give chase, but it may slow him down and will help to avoid the chain-hook he throws to pull victims toward him.

If they keep running like this until they hit the exit for the Butcher to disappear, players will have a chance to live to fight another day. Then, when they're truly prepared, they can pay the demon back for their trouble.


Only fight when prepared

Fans are just beginning to explore the mechanics of "Diablo 4," so ideal builds and strategies haven't been perfected yet. Still, there are some basic tactics to employ to take on the Butcher in combat and live to tell the tale.


First and foremost, a player shouldn't stand and fight unless they're leveled up and fully loaded out on good equipment with the best abilities for their character unlocked and ready to go. Further, they should bring a team if at all possible as fighting the Butcher — and beating him before he disappears — will be much easier with a group.

Beyond that, players should keep their distance and employ ranged attacks if at all permitted by their class and build. Liberal use of health potions and any abilities that replenish them will also be important in combat. If fighting with a group, using more heavily armored characters to shield the weaker and ranged characters will also be vital to success.


Like many fights in past "Diablo" games, preparation is arguably more important than the fight itself. Being prepared with weapons, equipment, and abilities will go a long way toward ensuring success. Given the random nature of the Butcher's attacks, being ready ahead of time will be even more necessary.