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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Can You Kill The Chainsaw Man?

"Resident Evil 4" throws players into the horror action right from the beginning of the game. During chapter one, players find themselves facing a hoard of infected villagers and needing to survive their continued attacks. This task, already difficult in itself, becomes that much harder when the enemy known as the Chainsaw Man shows up.


Bigger and stronger than the other villagers, this distinctive enemy also wields a chainsaw to deadly effect. Players will have their work cut out for them holding out and staying alive until the attack ends, and they can then start progressing again. Of course, more ambitious or bloodthirsty players won't just want to survive — they'll want to actually get some revenge and take out the Chainsaw Man. This issue is that he can seem practically invincible during combat. 

Players trying for a kill may start to wonder, after pumping round after round into their foe to seemingly no effect, if it's even possible to actually defeat him. Can the Chainsaw Man actually be killed? Well, yes, he can.

Yes, but it won't be easy

Most players will be satisfied simply keeping on the move, taking out lesser enemies, and holding out until the timer runs out and the villagers leave. For those who do want to kill the Chainsaw Man, it is possible, but it will require throwing everything possible at him and taking advantage of the environment.


For starters, players will want to collect the shotgun and grenade on the upper floor of the house in the northern half of the map. These will help deal out some extra damage and whittle down the health of the Chainsaw Man. Further, it will be important to draw him into the barn just to the southwest of the village square. Once he's inside, shooting the lamp hanging from the rafter will start a fire to deal more damage.

Beyond this, players just need to stay on the move, avoid his charge, and go for headshots. It may not seem like it, but these will be having an impact. With persistence and a little luck, the Chainsaw Man will go down. Successful players will be able to walk away with an emerald and the pride in knowing that they took out one of the toughest enemies in the game.


It won't be easy — in fact it will probably be harder than taking out some of the bosses like Salazar. Still, it is possible and experienced players shouldn't give up hope.