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Dead Space Remake: How To Unlock The Prototype Stasis Module And Why It's Worth It

Among the things that the "Dead Space" remake does better than the original is the addition of new side missions and other bonus content. High on this list of additions is the Premeditated Malpractice mission. While the mission itself isn't particularly interesting, its reward, the Prototype Stasis Module, is one of the coolest additions to the game and a useful piece of equipment, especially for those looking to move on to New Game Plus. Of course, completing Premeditated Malpractice and earning the module will take some work.


The Prototype Stasis Module improves Isaac's stasis power dramatically causing it to immobilize enemies, at least temporarily, where it would usually just slow them down. This is incredibly useful in itself, especially for setting up precision strikes against the limbs of fast enemies. Further, it will carry over into New Game Plus, helping with that second playthrough from the beginning.

During an initial playthrough, however, it will take some time to obtain. It won't become available until the end of the relatively long Premeditated Malpractice mission which, itself, won't unlock until the end of chapter five.

Tour the Ishimura to unlock the Prototype Stasis Module

Players will be able to begin the quest after dealing with the Hunter at the end of chapter five. On the floor of the room with the nitrogen will be a tissue sample that can be picked up and examined, starting Premeditated Malpractice. From here, players will find themselves touring the Ishimura, heading back to old locations to obtain more information and clues about the strange necromorph that has been stalking them across the ship.


This quest is interesting in what it reveals and is rewarding for the prize at the end, but it's not particularly difficult. For the most part, players need only follow the quest markers to various locations and interact with a particular object. This will lead them from some research equipment in Medical, to a bed in the ICU, to a terminal in Ore Storage, then another on the Bridge Atrium, and finally to Hydroponics. The only hiccup could potentially be finding the correct terminal on the Bridge as this particular quest point isn't highlighted with a marker. However, if a player knows where to look, this won't be too much of an issue.

Finally, next to the audiolog in Hydroponics that will end the quest will be the Prototype Stasis Module. Players need only pick it up and begin benefiting from the improved stasis. This will provide a significant benefit immediately and as they move through New Game Plus, looking for a greater challenge and working to unlock the secret ending.